is the Theme of Qur'aan

1. Translation of Ayahs after grammatical parsing of sentences.

2. What renders Qur'aan the most exalted and a Living Book? Qur'aan explains.

3.  Dictionary of Arabic Roots used in Grand Qur'aan - each word is grammatically categorized.

4. Self acquiring the skill for real-time translation: Grammar: Morphology and Syntax - merely by visual observation of text

5. Lexicon of Qur'aan -alphabetical

Encyclopedia of Qur'aan [on going project]

6. Articles

1. Ar'Reh'maan: Personal Name of Allah, the Exalted


1.a The recognition of Allah, Ar'Reh'maan the Exalted: the Sustainer Lord of the universes - all that exists

1.b Allah, Ar'Reh'maan the Exalted is to be recognized as:

1.c Allah the Exalted is the only Living Icon: the Awesome, Lord Who is uncritically admired, revered, feared, and adorned - glorified.


2. The Infinite Glory and Praise stands specified eternally, entirely and exclusively for Allah, the Exalted.

3.a Irrefutable historical evidence: Exalted Messenger Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam was the First to transcribe the Grand Qur'aan in writing.

3b. Grand Qur'aan: The most authentic and best biography of Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam

3c Grand Qur'aan: The Perpetual Reference Book-Permanent Manual for Life Conduct

3d  Litmus Test: Take this test to know whether you are entitled for Paradise.

3e Carefully watch your words while talking about or mentioning the Elevated Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم

3f  The Praised Abode of descent revived.

3g Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam will be approached by non-believers for Paradise

3h The Authenticating Accomplisher of those who are declared Chosen, Dignified and Exalted Sincere Allegiants of Allah the Exalted.

3c Journey far beyond the ascensions of Earthly Universe

3d Filthy rich puffed with pride Chieftain frowned seeing the Blind Man

3e :We do not seclude a single one in the Galaxy of Messengers.

3f The Covenant between Allah the Exalted and His Chosen, Dignified and Exalted Sincere Allegiants

3g Who is your : the caller whose word you have accepted?
A life sustaining question

3s Grand Qur'aan: : The infallibly authentic and truthful breaking news and information

4. Superb System of Justice-Ignorance of law is a valid plea.

5. So called Mystery of Initial Letter/Consonants.

6. Classification of the Believers

7. The Man: History of his coming into being.

8. Structure of Place of Human Creation: Three-Coats/Layered Darkness 9. Pregnancy is of two types.

10. Perception and meanings; Vocal Cord.

11.  : Perception and meanings; Ear has its own memory.

12. The House-Fly  reminds frailty of human beings.

13. : Perception and meanings; it is NOT Spider's Web.

14. Lightening is a ray of hope of profitability.

15. Ball Lightning Mystery

16. Proper Name of a peculiar cloth/Cloud Brocade. Fallacy about its origin.

17 : Fallacy about its origin

18.Parable of Sled-Dog for a religious scholar

19. nineteen males [Angels as Warders]

20. and are neither synonym nor are interchangeable.

21. Divorce before "matrimonial linkage"

22. Global Ocean

23. Rifting phenomenon in Earth

24. Papyrus,

25 The Geyser

26 Parable of Sled-Dog

27 The Coral, it will not become extinct.


 Cumulonimbus Clouds-Flash Flood


Supercell-In-Cloud Lightening


The act/process of the creation of the Man

31. Misjudgment of Male Whale saves Yunus alahissalam.

32. The Beacon of Guidance

33. Plagiarism is a crime-Grand Qur'aan

34 Embodiment of Haya-حيا and Carefulness

35. Affectionate surrender of one's will and freedom/ liberty-Forehead on the ground.

36. : Time Bound Protocol of Servitude and Allegiance: The Key to the door of success

: The Fasting

Time of Fajr

37. Cobra finds mention in Grand Qur'aan

38. Rare Plant : Food for the Arrogant Kings and Monarchs

38. "The most lethal weapon"

39. The first reported case of Expressive aphasia - Sa'mri: "لا مساس no touching"

40. How Many Planets are in the Solar System?

41. Seven Layers of Atmosphere-Distinct from "Seven Skies-heavens".

42. Camel-a Document

43. The Word: it converts Abstract Realm into Physical Realm.

44. Grand Qur'aan broke the news: Sub Atomic-Elementary Particles are inventoried/catalogued.

45. Daughter not Son is the central theme of Inheritance.

46. Perception and meanings

47. Key to prosperity: Control over grain producing breeze.

48. Grand Qur'aan describes Winds and their Sub-Classification-Metaphor "Semen of Stallion" related to Cloud Physics.

49. The First Atlas of Clouds in Qur'aan

50. Super Derecho

51. Sinkhole: Ruinous end of Qa'roon, one of the richest.

52. Tsunami

53. Polygamy as a Custom of having many spouses for pleasure is not allowed in the Grand Qur'aan

54. Grand Qur'aan has prohibited domestic violence negating erroneous "belief" of beating one's wife.

55. The exorbitant "gain-voluminous increase" on lent capital

56. : The financial liability upon subjects of a state for economic uplift of society.

57. : Voluntary generosity: donations-funding-gifts-grants with no strings attached.

58 Economics: : Sustenance that sustains life

59. Grand Qur'aan picturesquely portrays the Mammal's milk

60. Man and the Universe: Why is the Universe the way it is?

61. Islam: The First and the Fundamental Law for the physical realms.

62. Exodus - Eyewitness account

Unprecedented and unique asexual creation- sort of Parthenogenesis- Virgin Birth of a human being: the elevated Messenger Easa [alai'his'slaam], the son of Maryam the truthful.

Rescue Plan of Allah the Exalted to thwart execution conspiracy against Easa alhaissalam

58. List of Grammatical units of text of Qur'aanlike codon of protein-coding genes.



   (a) : Ar'Reh'maan: the Proper Name of Allah the Exalted



(5) رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ


(a) The Day of Accountability and Judicial Verdict - Reward and Punishment


(c)   The Day of Resurrection - Revival to Life.

(d) the Day of  Separation/ Compartmentalization

(e)   The Day of assembly

(f)  The Day of Accountability

(g) The Day of Rising


(7) Particle of exclusivity + Personal Pronoun

(8) We owe and demonstrate allegiance and servitude

(9) Conjunction and delineation particle


(11) You the Exalted do keep guiding us


The High Road the most direct way to destination the most ethical course of action.

(13) the Path of those people

(14) You the Exalted have showered blessings

(15)   upon them


other than of those upon whom culpability for criminal cognizance/arrest has become incumbent;

(17) Negation particle.

(18)   the aberrant/astray - the unaware - the unmindful - engrossed in deep thinking

(19)   Untranslatable region of discourse like UTR in Human genome

(20) demonstrative pronoun and demonstrative adjective: singular, masculine

(21) the Book

(22) something peeving

(23) Prep phrase

(24) guidance, beacon - source guiding to the way

(25) For those who sincerely endeavour for salvation

(25a) anxiously preserve yourselves from

(26) Relative Pronoun, third person, masculine, plural

(27) they heartily believe

(28) in the presence of the Unseennot in sight

(29) they regularly - steadfastly establish

(30) Time Bound Protocol of Servitude and allegiance

(31) Prepositional Phrase: out of that--

(32) Our Majesty have granted them the sustenance

(33) they people regularly spend

(34)   Prepositional Phrase