The recognition of Allah, Ar'Reh'maan the Exalted: the Sustainer Lord of the universes - all that exists.


The personal names introduce the unique Personality - Being. The name of a thing or of a person/being, in Arabic: , yields the same effect that is the basic perception infolded in its Root: س م و. The name gives the basic cognition of existence and presence of a thing and person. Hence, name is the introduction for cognition of a thing and person. Cognition of the code/name of a thing or person is the elementary/first step in gaining knowledge about the thing or person. Name of a thing or person gives it or him a vivid distinction from all other things and persons, makes it or him distinguished/identified/definite/isolated/prominent/popularized [معرفة] and grants an ability to others to identify and describe/remember/recall/mention it or him. The name/code serves as a basis/foundation for others to enquire and study about it to gain knowledge.

Physical presence of an object before the eyes does not yield knowledge when we do not know their names, since seeing alone does not give us the ability to describe them individually because of lack of prerequisite/first stage of knowledge i.e. cognition of the code/name. Nothing can preserve/save in the memory [of humans as well of computer] without knowing or assigning a code/name to it.

Epistemology studies the nature of knowledge, justification, and the rationality of belief. After cognition, the process of knowing, is recognition: the act of recognizing or the condition of being recognized. The recognition is a relational phenomenon; a person and object can be recognized only by knowing its relationships with others; this can be described as empirical or posteriori knowledge. How should Allah, Ar'Reh'maan the Exalted be recognized? This is the next point disclosed in the Divine Discourse:

The EXCLUSIVE recognition of Allah - Ar'Reh'maan the Exalted is described by Possessive Phrase:  . It can be taken in the nominal, simple declarative sentence as adjectival or Apposition: بدل for:   Allah. The Noun: is  Sound Plural; masculine; genitive state. It is:  مضاف إليه Possessive Noun which has rendered the First Noun definite. Its Root is ع ل م and knowledge is only of that which exists in reality.

The Grand Qur'aan concatenates facts in perfect sequence and chronological order. On creation by the Creator the first ever relationship that comes into existence is that of :  the Sustainer Lord of all that exists which is known and is knowable; it is a relationship between the Independent and the dependant. All that exists owes its existence to Allah the Exalted. Hence the first obligation upon the created ones is to collectively-universally acknowledge and explicitly pronounce the eternal declaration: ever since the process of creation of universes was initiated. This declaration does not apparently specify the subject, the one who is declaring this. Hence this declaration has the added connotation of eternity and universality being beyond time and space; "The Infinite Glory and Praise stands specified eternally, entirely and exclusively, universally - not bound to time-frame or event, for Allah the Exalted Who is the Sustainer Lord of Universes - all that exists".

This phrase, with different inflections, finds mention 42 times in these Ayahs of Divine Discourse: [(1)1:02(2)2:131(3)5:28(4)6:45(5)6:71(6)6:162()7:61(7)7:54(8)7:61(9)7:67(10)7:104(11)7:121(12)10:10(13)10:37(14)26:16(15)26:23(16)26:47(17)26:77(18)26:98(19)26:109(20)26:127(21)26:145(22)26:164 (23)26:180(24)26:192(25)27:08(26)27:44(27)28:30(28)32:02(29)37:87(30)37:182(31)39:75(32)40:64(33)40:65(34)40:66(35)41:09(36)43:46(37)45:36(38)56:80(39)59:16(40)69:43(41)81:29(42)83:06=42

Allah the Exalted has introduced His Majesty as the Sustainer Lord of Universes - all that exists:

In human history, Pharaoh was the only person who enquired about this Phrase as to what is meant or to whom it refers: