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   Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.           [Note: It should be remembered that it is not the written text/part/Ayah of this  سُورة  [Chapter 33] and hence it is never numbered.  For convenience of those readers who are already believers, this is traditionally printed since it is commanded in the Qur'aan to read/recite with the Name of Sustainer Lord, The Creator.



















































































































having no keeper or guardian, literally having a gap, an opening or a breach exposing it to thieves etc.




























































































































[Same advice in 25:52;33:48]

O you the Elevated and Chosen One [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam], keep maintaining reverence and fear of Allah and do not hearken to the Non believers and Muna'fi'qeen.

[Same information in same words in 4:24;33:01;76:30]o

Indeed Allah is Ever All-Knower, All-Wise, Knower of invisible/hidden realities/considerations. [33:01]

[Same command in 6:106;10:109;33:02;75:18]

And you the Messenger [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] physically follow in letter and spirit that [Grand Qur'aan] which has been communicated/revealed to you from your Sustainer Lord. [He was directed for this four times and  He pronounced it four times,  6:50;7:203;10:15;46:09]

[Same pronouncement in same words 4:94;similar 4:128,135;48:11]o

Undoubtedly, Allah is always aware of the acts you people perform. [33:02]

[Same advice in same words in 4:81;8:61;33:48]

And you continue having trust in Allah

[Same pronouncement in same words in 4:81,132,171;33:48]o

And Allah suffices as the Guardian/Protector/Disposer of Affairs. [33:03]

Allah has not made for a man two hearts in his interior,

and nor has He declared your wives as your mothers some of whom you at your own declare ineligible as if they are your mothers;

and nor has He declared your so called sons as your sons,

these are oral utterances of you people merely with your mouths [void of truth/reality];


and Allah says only a proven and established fact and He/that statement of solid fact guides to the Path [as against contrary to proven fact oral emotional vacuum statements]. [33:04]

You people call them by their fathers, that is most appropriate and balanced conduct in the judgment of Allah;

for reason if you did not know their fathers thereat they are your brothers [not sons] in the Prescribed Code and Physical Procedure [Islam] and your companions.

And [in view of this injunction which is to take effect prospectively] there is no cause of embarrassment and disconcert for you people regarding what you erred in the past in this matter;

but that what intended your hearts.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 4:96,100,152;25:70;33:50,59;48:14]o

 And Allah is repeatedly Overlooking/Forgiving, the Merciful. [33:05]

The Elevated, Distinct and Chosen Revivalist [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] is protector/ guardian/compassionate companion with the true believers more than their own selves/he is more dearer with the true believers than their personal selves [9:24];

and his wives are their mothers.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 8:75]

And [in worldly matters] the holders of womb relationship, some of them are comparatively nearer [like parents] than some others in the Book of Allah

from amongst the believers and emigrants except that you conduct towards your companions in a decent recognized manner.


This is that which is recorded in writing in the Book. [33:06]

And when We obtained a pledge/oath of the Chosen/Elevated/Selected Persons, and from you, The Messenger [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam, the sanctifier/affirmer of all of them], and from Noah, and Iebra'heim, and Musa and [the last but one] Easa son of Maryam [as described in 3:81];  


and We had obtained from them a covenant/oath unambiguously and strongly worded; [33:07]

so that He may question The Truthful/these Chosen/Elevated/Selected Persons about [response received by them to] their truth.

[Same information in 76:31]o

And He has prepared a great torment for those who [in time and space] deliberately refused to accept [the truth conveyed by The Truthful Chosen/Elevated/Selected Persons]. [33:08]

O you who declare to have accepted!

[Same injunction to them in same words in 2:231;3:103;5:07,11; for others 5:20;14:06;35:03]

 you people recall the Grace of Allah upon you people

when came to you invisible forces/troops whereupon We sent upon them/enemy winds [which you saw]

[Same information in same words in 9:26]

and troops which you people did not see observably;

[Same pronouncement in same words in 48:24]o

And Allah is eternally watchful, everything that you people do is under His focus; [33:09]

when they attacked upon you people from above your ground level and from lower level than you

and when focus of eyes failed to perceive [sudden happening of unexpected attack] and the hearts felt reaching the throats


and you [a group-3:154] were engaging in assumptive talk contrary to fact presumptions about Allah [the presumption/conjectures of the days of emotionalism-3:154] [33:10]

 That was the point in time when the believers were subjected to a liquefying trial and they were jolted with a very severe jolt [like some believers of earlier tines-2:214] [33:11]

And recall when the Muna'fi'qeen those in whose hearts is a disease said amongst themselves "That which Allah and His Messenger has promised to us is nothing except deceptive delusion"; [33:12]

and recall [on way] when a group from them/Muna'fi'qeen said to others, "O you the inhabitants of Yassrib/Madina, there is no standoff for you people, therefore, you people return back"

and recall [before leaving] a group of them/Muna'fi'qeen were asking permission of Elevated, Distinct and Chosen Revivalist [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] saying, "Our houses are bare and exposed" while factually those were not exposed.


They intended nothing but an escape [from war]. [33:13] [this is peculiar trait of Muna'fi'qeen that they do not like and believe, and escape war for the cause of Allah]

[the falsity of their excuse of exposed houses may be seen] And had people entered upon them from all its sides


thereafter they were asked for creating the liquefying disturbance they would have certainly done it and they would not have delayed it except slightly. [33:14]

[Read with 8:15]

And certainly they were bound to Allah [command in 8:15] before this that they will not turn their backs [when they are to meet in hostility with non believers]

[Same pronouncement in 17:34]o

And the covenant/bond of Allah has always been subject to be questioned. [33:15]

You, the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce, "Never will benefit you people the running away if you ran away for consideration of the natural death or killing [in war]/murder 


and [if you ran away from war] that point in time you will not enjoy except for a little while". [33:16]

[Read with 35:02;39:38]

You, the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce, "Who is he who can hold you people back from Allah if He decided to harm or He decided showering mercy upon you".

[Same pronouncement in same words in 4:173;similar 4:123]o

And they will not find for them other than Allah to act as a patron/guardian nor as provider of help. [33:17]

Allah has certainly exposed/knows those from you who prohibitively hinder and who say to their brothers, "Come to us"


and except few they do not come to participate in war. [33:18]

They are illiberal and covetous towards you people.

 Thereat when the fear [of war] is eminent you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] notice that they are looking at you with their eyes revolving like the one upon whom has lurked the death.

Thereafter when the fear has departed they rush to you people with hardened/offensive tongues, yearning to have the best gain/advantage [from the unsolicited gains of war].

They are the people who have not believed for which reason Allah has declared their acts as fruitless yielding nothing.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 4:30,169;33:30]o

And this has always been an easy matter for Allah. [33:19]

They think that the Confederates/Allied Forces have not yet went back.

And if the Confederates/Allied Forces enter they would wish that they were suburbanites amongst the Foreign Settlers in Arabia asking/enquiring about your news [result of war].


And if they were amongst you people they would not have participated in war except few. [33:20]

Certainly there has been for you people an excellently balanced and appropriate example of conduct in the Person of Messenger of Allah

[Same pronouncement in same words in 60:06]

for the one who has been cautiously keeping hope in Allah and the Last Day


and he remembered and mentioned Allah quiet frequently/most of the time. [33:21]

And when the believers saw the Confederates/Allied Forces [departing frustratingly in the outskirts of city]

they said, "this is that which Allah and His Messenger had told/promised to us and Allah and His Messenger has truthfully exhibited it".


And it increased them but in belief and respectful salutation and submission. [33:22]

From amongst the believers are men who exhibited/exposed/proved truthful to that which they had promised to Allah. 

Thereat amongst them is one who has fulfilled his vow and among them is one who is in wait.


And they did not change anything as replacement. [33:23]

[this was a trial] So that Allah may reward the Truthful Ones for their exposed/proven truth

and He may punish the Muna'fi'qeen if He so willed or return to them forgiving [if they repented and corrected their conduct-4:146]

[Same pronouncement in same words 4:23,106]o

 Indeed Allah is repeatedly Overlooking/Forgiving, the Merciful. [33:24]

And Allah turned back, those who had refused to accept, in their frustrating rage since they could not gain/achieve anything good [by their expedition].

And Allah suffices for the Believers [as Super Ally] in the war.


And Allah is ever the All-Mighty, the Dominant. [33:25]

[Read with 59:02]

And Allah brought down from their fortresses [at the place of gathering] those from amongst the People of the Book who had backed them/Allied Forces ;

[Same pronouncement in same words in 59:02]

and He cast in their hearts the terror,

[Read with 33:61;59:03]o

that you people were removing away/exiling a group from the society/City and another group you were captivating; [33:26]

and He caused you to inherit their land, and their abodes, and their goods and lands which were not yet brought under cultivation.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 48:21]o

And Allah has eternally the infinite power and control over each and every thing to keep it in bounds/limits/measure. [33:27]