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  With Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan [I begin reading Qur'aan] Who is The Infinitely Merciful.   







Verb: imperfect; second person; plural; masculine; subjunctive mood [Form I] + Subject pronoun.  Root: ع ب د









































































































































And you, the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] mention [in/from the Book] the brother of Aad

when he admonished his nation about/with the Sand-Dunes [present in their geographical location];

and indeed the Warner/Admonishers had passed before and after they had become a civilization;

[Same pronouncement in same words in 11:02,26;41:14]

[reverting from parenthetic he warned them] that "you people should be subject/subservient/ allegiant to none whatsoever except Allah.

[Same pronouncement in same words in  7:59;26:135;46:21]

I am afraid/apprehensive of the punishment for you people of the Great Day" [46:21]

They/the ruling elite replied, "Have you come to us with the motive that you may divert/turn us away from our various iela'aha.

[Same demand in same words in 7:70]

[we are not going to accept it] Therefore bring to us that what you promise/warn us if you are from amongst the truthful". [46:22]

He said, "the knowledge of that is only with Allah

and I am conveying and transferring to you people that  which I have been sent with

but I find you people are acting as blind traditionalists and emotionalists" [46:23]

        Consequently when they saw and perceived it as dense cloud that was causing itself move coming towards their valley

they said, "This is a cloud, the one which will bring rain for us"

[They were told] "No, it is that which you people deliberately and reflexively sought to hasten,

it is wind in which there is a grievous punishment; [46:24]

it will destroy everything by the command of its Lord".

And then the result was that it ended with nothing was left to be seen except their houses/buildings.

This is how We punish the guilty people. [46:25]

[Read with 6:06]

And indeed they were the people whom We had established with power in the state in which We have not established you

and We had given them faculty of listening, observation and interpreting/intellect/knowledge/know how/technology

but neither their faculty of listening, nor of vision and nor wisdom/knowledge did avail profit in averting anything from them

when they deliberately kept denying and wrangling with the Aa'ya'at of Allah,

[Same pronouncement in same words in 11:08;16:34;39:48;40:83;45:33]

and they were hemmed with that about which they consciously adopted a non serious jesting attitude keeping themselves playful with. [46:26]

And indeed We annihilated that which is around you people from the habitats/localities;

and We had rotated/centrifuged the Aa'ya'at making the point distinct and separated from all angles

[Read with 30:41;32:21;43:28,48]

so that perhaps they may return. [46:27]

Thereat why not those helped them whom they had deliberately and consciously adopted, other than Allah, as various iela'aha under the pretext that these are source of letting nearness to Allah.

Nay, the fact is that those lost/vanished from them [their mind, they did not even recall those]

and that was their deceptive falsification and what they kept fabricating and conjecturing. [46:28]

[Read with 72:01]

And when We diverted a party from amongst the species Jinn towards you, the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] so that they may cause themselves to attentively listen the Qur'aan

thereby when they reached for it they said, "You people listen quietly"

Thereat when recitation was completed they turned back to their nation/people to beware them. [46:29]

They said, "O our people! indeed we have listened the Book which has been sent after Musa [alai'his'slaam]

[About Grand Qur'aan same information in same words in 3:03;5:48;35:31;46:30]

that is the Testifier/Affirmer which certifies/sanctifies/testifies what was sent in times before it, [singular, masculine, active participle. is explained by in 2:91 and by مِن قَبْلُ  in 3:04]

that Book/Grand Qur'aan leads to the Absolute Fact and towards the Path that keeps leading safely and straight to the destination of peace and tranquility; [46:30]

[Read with 33:46]

O our people, you respond to the Caller of Allah and consciously incline yourself to believe in Him;

He will forgive for you from your sins and ill doings and He will protect you from severe infliction. [46:31]

And whoever will not respond for the Caller of Allah then it should be remembered none can frustrate/avert [His decisions] in the Earth;

and for him none is there, other than Allah, as protector,

[Same pronouncement in same words in 39:22]

They are the people who are in manifest forgetfulness/heedlessness wandering". [46:32]

[Same pronouncement in same words in 17:99]

Have they not seen/considered that Allah Who is the One Who innovatively created the Skies and the Earth,

[Read with 50:15]

while He did not feel any fatigue with their creation,

is in full control and command upon that He may revive to life the dead.

Indeed He is;

[Same pronouncement in same words in 41:39]

indeed He has eternally the infinite power over each and every thing/Certainly, Allah has eternally power over all things to set them right/fix them in measure. [46:33]

[Same information in same words 46:20]

And the Day when those who deliberately and persistently refused to accept are presented to the Hell-Prison,

[Same information in same words 6:30]

"Is this not a proven fact?" They replied, "yes of course, by our Sustainer Lord"

[Same pronouncement in same words 6:30; similar 3:106;8:35]

It will be said, "Therefore/for reason you people taste the chastisement for what you people have been refusing to accept". [46:34]

Therefore, you remain coolly perseverant like the tradition of patience exercised by the Messengers of strong will and determination 

and for them you should not react to hasten finality [as they ask you to hasten decision].

[Read with 10:45;79:46]

[they mockingly ask that when they would have converted to bones and dust, their perception will be] As if, the Day when they see [resurrection] what is being promised to them, [their observation would be that] they had not stayed in that condition except for an hour of a day.

The time is to cross over to that Moment;

thereat would anyone get destroyed and doomed except the people who are deliberate and persistent defiant and deviants? [46:35]

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