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  Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.            [Note] It should be remembered that it is not the written text/part/Ayah of سُورة  [Chapter 79] and hence it is never numbered. For convenience of those readers who are already believers, this is traditionally printed since it is commanded in the Qur'aan to read/recite with the Name of Sustainer Lord, The Creator.

The Storm of the known history-Super Derecho

Active Participle: definite; plural; Feminine; genitive. (1)79:01=1Root: ن ز ع

Active Participle: definite; plural; Feminine; genitive.     Root: ن ش ط

Active Participle: definite; plural; Feminine; genitive.    Root: س ب ح

[The Gender of Angels is Masculine. The Non-Believers of Hereafter name them as feminine-53:27]


















































































































  • And swearing is by those [feminine active participles]-winds who fiercely uproot-pluck-extract and displace things, in the manner of reaching and plucking from its extreme depth, [79:01]

  • And these-[feminine active participles]-winds are movers from place to place, in the manner of excited and getting in motion by breaking away from the bonds-ties, [79:02]

  • And these-[feminine active participles]-winds are rushers, in the manner of swimming forward with force-effort; [79:03]

  • Thereat, they-[feminine active participles] winds are racers in the manner of racing to take lead. [79:04]

  • Whereat, reaching to the appointed destination, they-feminine active participles-winds are the executors of command [of uprooting-plucking away-annihilation]. [79:05]

The Day the quaking [Big Bang/Sound by blow in Trumpet] will quake, [79:06]

shall follow it the subsequent [second and last Blow in Trumpet]. [79:07]

Hearts that Day at that point in time will be palpitating in anxiety; [79:08]

[Same information in 68:43;70:44]

the visions will be dazed/downcast. [79:09]

They say to people, "Will we certainly be dug out and returned into the original state; [79:10]

could this happen when we would have been bones decayed?" [79:11]

They said/opined to people, "it will at that point in time be a loosing one/impossible to recollect/regenerate" [79:12]

[Same pronouncement in same words in 37:19]

Thereat that would only be one [last Blow in Trumpet] Big/Mighty Bang; [79:13]

[Read with 37:19]

whereupon at that point in time they will be in full awakening; [79:14]

[With وَ same 20:09]

Has come to you that episode of Musa [79:15]

[Read with 20:12]

when his Sustainer Lord called/addressed him in the sanctified/sacred valley, Tuwa [on the right side of Mount At-Tur-19:52] [79:16]

[Replica/Mirror 20:24]

you go towards Fir'aoun/Pharaoh, indeed he has over brimmed in transgression. [79:17]

[Similar pronouncement in 87:14]o

And this is the reward for the one who elevated himself" [above conjectures, desires/vested interest] [20:76] [Our salutations and respects to these Muslims who were earlier illusionists; and curse upon Fir'aoun who despite having been asked-79:18 could not raise himself above self deceptions]

thereat reaching him say to him, "would it be for you to come towards that you may truly elevate yourself; [79:18]

and I will guide you towards your Sustainer Lord whereupon you may become soft and humble becoming conscious about eventuality" [79:19]

In response/for reason [on asking] he showed him the great unprecedented demonstrative sign [79:20]

whereupon he contradicted and he refused to accept the word [conveyed to him]. [79:21]

Afterwards [settling the day and place for demonstration in public] he turned on his back and he made the effort [for arranging expert magicians]. [79:22]

Thereat he/Fir'aoun gathered people whereupon he addressed them calling attention, [79:23]

whereupon he said, "I am the Lord of you people, the Supreme". [79:24]

[Similar information in 10:92;43:56]

In consequence Allah seized him making him a symbol to take lesson for later and earlier period. [79:25]

Certainly in the episode of Fir'aoun is of course an admonition for anyone who cautiously worries about future. [79:26]

Are you more strong and stable creation or the Sky? We constructed her. [79:27]

He raised  "سمك" of the Sky and thereat proportioned her [into seven Skies]. [79:28]

And made dark her night and brought out her shining/hot day. [79:29]

[Read with 91:06]

And the Earth after this that/hot day, He, the Exalted spread/stretched/unfolded her. [79:30]

[Read with 87:04]

He took out water from her its water [earlier placed in it] and her pasture. [79:31]

and the mountains He anchored them. [79:32]

[Same pronouncement in same words in 80:32]

 [water and pasture] Retainable provision for you and for your cattle. [79:33]

Thereat [reverting to situation that will arise after second Blow in Trumpet] when the great overwhelming would have been accomplished, [79:34]

[Read with 53:39]

that Day the Man will concentrate intensively recalling what effort he had made. [79:35]

And the Hell-Prison will be made manifest for everyone who sees. [79:36]

Thereby as for the one is concerned who had transgressed and over brimmed, [79:37]

and had preferred the worldly life [over the life in the Hereafter]. [79:38]

in consequence indeed the Hell-Prison is for him the Abode. [79:39]

[Same information in 55:46]

And as for that one who feared the grandeur of his Sustainer Lord,

and he prohibited his self from emotionalism, lusts and irrationality of following conjectures, [79:40]

in consequence indeed the Paradise is for him the Abode. [79:41]

[Same information in same words in 7:187]

They people ask You, the Messenger [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] about the Final Moment as to what is its exact appointed time [Date and Time]. [79:42]

In what is [the information] for you the Messenger [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] about mention of it/the Final appointed Moment? [79:43]

Its finality is with the Sustainer Lord of you, the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam];[79:44]

[Read with 87:10]

you are indeed only the Admonisher/Awakener for the one who is cautiously afraid of it. [79:45]

[Read with 10:45;46:35]

[they mockingly ask that when they would have converted to bones and dust, their perception will be] As if, the Day when they see [resurrection being promised to them, their observation would be that] they had not stayed in that condition except for a noon or morning part of it. [79:46]

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