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        Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.    























































































Has come to you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] the episode about the guests of Iebra'heim [alai'his'slaam] [51:24]

[Same information in 11:69;15:52]

when they entered upon him then/for reason of meeting him they said, "Peace".

He returned salutation saying, "Peace and tranquility", they were unrecognized people. [51:25]

[Same information in 11:69]

[Finding them unfamiliar faces/not of his place] Then he went to his household whereupon he came back with a roasted calf [to serve the guests appearing to have come from a distant place] [51:26]

thereat he served it to them. [seeing that they have not put out their hand] He said, "Why you people are not eating" [51:27]

thereat for reason he felt the perception of slight apprehension from them,

[Same statement in same words in 11:70]

[noticing this] they said, "Please be not apprehensive;

And they gave him the good news of a highly knowledgeable son. [51:28]

[Read with 11:71]

Sequel to listening this his wife [who was standing behind the door for servicing any thing of need for the guests-11:71] came in face to face in a contracted/wrapped state whereupon she covered her face with hand

and said, "An old barren woman [will bear the son]" [51:29]

They replied to her, "This is because, Madam, this has been said by the Sustainer Lord of you.

[Same pronouncement in 43:84;66:02]

Indeed He is eternally The Wise, The Knower of all evident and secreted". [51:30]

[Replica/Mirror 15:57]

Iebra'heim [alai'his'slaam] asked, "Now onwards what is your mission, O you the sent Messengers" [51:31]

[Replica/Mirror 15:58]

They replied, "We have indeed/actually been sent towards nation of criminals [51:32]

[Read with 11:82]

so that we my send down upon them stones from layers of baked clay [51:33]

[Same information in 11:83]

Those stones are earmarked by your Sustainer Lord, for the transgressors". [51:34]

For reason [in keeping with promise] We took out every one of those who therein amongst the Believers. [51:35]

Thereat We did not find therein other than a house amongst the Muslims. [51:36]

[Read with 15:75;29:35]

And in that We have left an evident visible sign/lesson for those people who fear the humiliating torment. [51:37]

And there is a lesson in the episode of Musa [alai'his'slaam] when We sent him to Fir'aoun/Pharaoh with evidently distinct authority/argument/logic,[51:38]

whereupon he turned away with his powerful supporter and/while he pronounced, "He is an illusionist or is made obsessed with delusions" [51:39]

[Same information in same words in 28:40]

Consequentially We seized him and his troops whereupon We threw them [from over the bridge] into the Water/Gulf Suez.

and he was the doer of blameworthy act/a delayer. [he took the initiative to enter on the bridge] [51:40]

And there is a lesson in the episode of Aad when We sent upon them the devastating wind; [51:41]

it left nothing from anything that came in its way except that it made that like disintegrated ruins. [51:42]

[Similar information in 11:65]

And there is a lesson in the episode of Samued when it was said for them, "you people enjoy for some time"[51:43]

Thereat they rebelled against the command of the Sustainer Lord of them whereupon a thunderbolt seized them while they were watching it. [51:44]

Thereat  they were neither able to withstand  it nor could they seek for themselves help. [51:45]

[Same pronouncement in same words in 53:52]

And the people of Noah [alai'his'slaam] in aforetimes;

[Same pronouncement in same words in 27:12;28:32;43:54;]

Indeed they have been a people deviants and limits violator. [51:46]

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