Root: ص ك ك

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 1  Verb Form-I

Ibn Faris [died 1005] stated:

(مقاييس اللغة)

الصاد والكاف أصلٌ يدلُّ على تلاقِي شيئين بقوَّة وشِدَّة، حتَّى كأنَّ أحدَهما يضرِبُ الآخر. من ذلك قولهم: صَكَكْتُ الشيءَ صكَّا.

That it leads to the perception of ward off, fend off two things forcefully as if one struck the other; thereby it is said, she shut off, locked up, closed the thing in the manner of fending off.

Lane Lexicon:

Classical Lexicons

  • Sequel to listening this, his wife [who was standing behind the door for servicing any thing of need for the guests-11:71] came in face to face in a contracted/wrapped state whereupon sshe covered her face with hand

  • And said, "An old barren woman! [will bear the son]" [51:29]



Prefixed conjunction فَ which shows cause/reason and effect + Verb: Perfect; third person; singular; feminine; ت feminine marker; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر-صَكٌّ Verbal noun  (1)51:29=1

    حرف فَ +  فعل ماضٍ + تَاء التانيث الساكنة/الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:هِىَ-واحد مؤنث غائب