Root: س ھ م

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 1  Verb Form-III

Lane Lexicon

Pl read its perception and meanings in 37:141, Here

  • Know the fact; Yunus [alai'his'slaam] was performing assignment as one of the sent Messengers [37:139]

  • When on assessing complete unresponsiveness he abandoned-absconded-ran; after walking away from his nation in the state-grip of heightened feeling of anger-heavy heartedness, towards the already embarked-Laden Ship, ready to sail. [37:140].

  • Thereby, because of heightened feeling of anger and running he became weak-dehydrated-haggard. Resultantly, he was in the state of slipped ones/loosing hold of feet falling into the sea. [37:141]



Prefixed conjunction فَ  which shows cause/reason-sequence and effect/consequence + Verb: Perfect; Third Person; Singular; masculine;  [Form-III]; Intransitive; Subject pronoun hidden. (1)37:141=1

                   حرف فَ + فعل ماضٍ مبنى على الفتح/الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:هُوَ-واحد مذكرغائب/باب   مفاعلة