Root: ل غ ب

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 2 

b) No of constructions: 2 Noun

Lane Lexicon: He was fatigued, tired, or wearied, (S, &c.,) in the greatest degree, or to the utmost: (M, K:) or he was languid in consequence of fatigue: or he was fatigued, tired, or wearied, in spirit, or mind: but most agree, as to the signification, with the S and K.

Another root for weary is Root: ء و د

  • The One Who has made permissible for us the House of Eternity from His Bounty

  • Herein neither touches us any fatigue and nor touches us herein any weariness." [35:35]

  • And indeed Our Majesty innovatively created the Skies and the Earth and all whatever exists in between the two of them in a time duration of six days [time reckoned in outside this/your universe]

                 Man and the Universe

  • And nothing touched Our Majesty from weariness [which could necessitate rest as some people keep conjecturing]. [50:38]



Verbal Noun: Indefinite; nominative. (1)35:35=1

                              مصدر: مرفوع


Verbal Noun: Indefinite; genitive. (1)50:38=1

                                         مصدر: مجرور