Root: ذ و د

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 1  Verb Form-I

Lane Lexicon : He drove: he drove away: and he repelled.

  • And when he (Mūsā [alai'his'slaam]) reached at the watering place of city Madyan

  • He found thereat a group of men watering mammals and he found besides them two ladies holding back their mammals.

  • He asked the ladies, "What is the matter of you both!"

  • They said, "We cannot water until the shepherds take away their mammals.

  • And [they indicated to the stranger cause of their presence in men] our father is quiet an old man." [28:23]



Verb: Imperfect; Third Person; Dual; Feminine; Mood: Indicative;. الألف Subject pronoun, in nominative state;  مصدر-ذَوْدٌ  Verbal noun. (1)28:23=1

   فعل مضارع مرفوع بثبوت النون/الألف- ضمير في محل رفع فاعل/تثنية مؤنث غائب