Root: ش ف ى

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 6 

b) No of constructions: 3

Nouns: 1; Recurrence: 4; Verb: 2 [Form-I]

The basic perception infolded in the Root is that of convalescence: recuperating patient: a patient who is recovering from an illness. It is the state of a human body which is opposite to the state of suffering from sickness, illness, disease.

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Grand Qur’ān has illustrated its perception in the quote of a statement made by the elevated and distinguished Messenger of Allah the Exalted, Iebra'heim alai'his'slaam

  • And when I fell sick - suffered a disease, thereat, He the Exalted recuperates me [26:80]

  • Afterwards, eat nectar out of all the fruits

  • Thereat, you the bee cause the travel-passages-routes of your Sustainer Lord rendered surmountable to enter."

  • (Acknowledge the service they render you); A palatable liquid, its colours - hues vary, secretes from their (female bees) stomachs

  • The peculiarity of it (liquid): honey is that healing, curing, surmounting upon disease is the characteristic power embedded within it for the benefit of people.

  • It is a fact that in this phenomenon there is explicit manifestation for the people who are in habit of reflecting objectively to arrive at the purpose of creation/recognize the Divine Providence and Will. [16:69]

  • You are directed to confront them (Mecca's Idol Worshipers) in war. Allah the Exalted would inflict punishment upon them through your hands; and will disgracefully crumble them

  • And He the Exalted will help you people over them

  • And He the Exalted would recuperate the chests of believing nation [with victory of Mecca] [9:14]

  • O you the Mankind, listen!

  • Indeed an advice- disclosure of factual outcome of acts: good and bad eventuality has since come to you people. It was disclosed by the Messenger under command from your Sustainer Lord.

  • And a Healer and Curer for those psychological - personality disorders - diseases which are nurtured in the chests/organs located within the chests.

  • And it is a Guide in time and space and a mercy - blessing for the true believers. [10:57]

The elided linkage clause for the Relative Pronoun can be estimated either or both things as mentioned in the translation. : It signifies convalescence: recuperating patient: a patient who is recovering from an illness:

  • And Our Majesty are gradually sending from the miscellany of Qur’ān that which is a Healer and Curer and a blessing for the true believers.

  • But the fact remains that their rejection of it (Qur’ān-35:39) increases the unjust and manipulators nothing save rendering them in a state of losses. [17:82]

  • Know it, had Our Majesty rendered it (Qur’ān) as a text composed in a non-Arab: indistinct language, [contrary to their present assertions of teaching by a Non-Arab-16:103]

    Literary device:

  • Can a Non Arab: indistinct language and Arabic: distinct-eloquent language of the sons of soil of Arabian Peninsula be considered at par?"

  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce;: "It (Qur’ān in Arabic) is guidance: regulatory information for aright conduct and healer for all those (whether Arab or Non Arab) who have heartily accepted it."

  • Know about those who do not heartily accept it (Qur’ān) heavy load is deposited within their ears: acoustic impedance is persisting in their ears.

      Human Ear - Acoustic impedance

  • And it (Qur’ān) is in black - obscured state not reflecting light upon them (Arabs and Non-Arab).

  • They are the people as if they are being called to listen it (Qur’ān) from a far distant place. [41:44]




  Noun/Verbal Noun: Indefinite; nominative.(1)10:57(2)16:69(3)17:82(4)41:44=4   

                              مصدر/اسم :مرفوع 


Verbs Form-I


Verb: Imperfect; Third Person; singular; Masculine, Mood: Jussive; Transitive; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر-شِفاءٌ Verbal noun. (1)9:14=1

      فعل مضارع مجزوم و علامة جزمه حذف آخره حرف العلة/الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:هُوَ-واحد مذكرغائب 


Verb: Imperfect; Third Person; Singular; Masculine; Mood: Indicative; Suffixed Noon of protection; Object Pronoun elided: First person; singular; masculine; accusative state; مصدر-شِفاءٌ Verbal noun (1)26:80=1    

فعل مضارع مرفوع بالضمة المقدرة على الياء لثقل-الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:هُوَ-واحد مذكرغائب

  نون الوقاية + الياء ضمير محذوف  في محل نصب مفعول به/واحد متكلم