Root: ن ك د

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 1  Noun

Lane Lexicon

  • Realize it; the land unit with defined boundaries which is characteristically: rich in nutrients, fertile - pleasantly beneficial: its vegetations come out by the Will of its Sustainer Lord.

  • And the land unit with defined boundaries that has experienced qualitative degradation -infertility: it does not expel something worthwhile; it brings out but picayune.

Root: خ ب ث

  • Like this physically observable reality, Our Majesty elaborate the verbal passages (of Qur'an) in interchanging pattern - alternatives for the people who acknowledge and express gratitude-appreciation,  [7:58]

The background frame is the same : the piece of land with demarcated boundary. It is either: or that which has experienced and attained a natural quality: , either of permanent nature or temporary nature. The relation between words becomes available by virtue of their links to common background frame. The purpose is not to merely illustrate that two objects are the same or different but the point is to analyze how they compare or contrast and why their similarities or differences are important.

The effect about both is described by the same verb denoting emergence-getting out of the subject from a place. With regard to:   the subject of the verb is: the vegetation of that land. But the other type of land is itself the subject of this Verb. In this state too, it does pour out but something of little or no value: picayune.



 Noun/adjective: Indefinite; Masculine; singular; accusative. (1)7:58=1

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