Root: ع و ر

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences:  4

b) No of constructions: 4 All Nouns

Ibn Faris [died 1005] stated:

(مقاييس اللغة)

العين والواو والراء أصلانِ: أحدهما يدلُّ على تداوُلِ الشّيء، والآخر يدلُّ على مرضٍ في إحدى عيني الإنسان وكلِّ ذي عينينِ.

That it leads to the perception of altering a thing, and secondly illness in one eye of humans and creatures having eyes.

عور (الصّحّاح في اللغة)
العَوْرَةُ: سوءة الإنسان، وكلُّ ما يُسْتحيا منه، والجمع عَوَرات.

Everything one feels shame from it.

Lane Lexicon: He was, or became, blind of one eye: The pudendum, or pudenda, of a human being, of a man and of a woman: so called because it is abominable to uncover, and to look at.

Loss of an eye, one eyed, shame, something to be kept from the eyes.

اردو میں عربی زبان سے مشتق ’’عورت‘‘ مستعمل ہے:

جسم کے وہ اعضا جن کے دیکھنے دکھانے سے شرم آئے (مرد کا ناف سے ٹخنے تک اور عورت کا تمام جسم باستثنائے چہرہ)۔

 بیوی، زوجہ، اہلیہ، گھر والی۔

  • And you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce for the Believing Women that they should reduce their focused attention upon men [just for info: it is most powerful stimuli to excite] —

  • And that they should preserve their genitalia —

  • And that they should not cause their bosom noticeable - prominent (by artificial methods) except that of her which has naturally become noticeable.

  • And they should strike barrier for covering their bosom by putting their unsown sheets upon their chests.

  • اور انہیں چاہئیے کہ انہیں(قدرتی ابھری زینت)اپنی اوڑھنیوں کو اپنے سینے پر ڈال کر ڈھانپ دیں۔

Root: خ م ر

  • And they should not cause their bosom to be noticed (by removing unsown sheet) —

  • ۔

  • Except for their husbands —

  • Or before their fathers, or fathers of their husbands —

  • ۔

  • Or before their sons or the sons of their husbands from other wives —

  • Or before their brothers, or sons of their brothers, or sons of their sisters —

  • Or before their own-family women [not strangers] —

  • Or before maid servants under their control and obligation —

  • Or before male attendants who are "other than holders of genitalia desiring for marriage- castrated" considered in state of amongst the Men —

  • Or before the children who have not become aware regarding the "sexual parts/aspects" of the women.

  • یا ایسے بچوں کے سامنے عورتوں پر پابندی نہیں کہ وہ اپنے لباس کے اوپر سینے پر ڈالی ہوئی اضافی اوڑھنی اتار دیں جنہیں ابھی عورتوں کے جنسی معاملات /اعضاء کا شعور نہیں۔

Root: ط ف ل

  • And they (believing women) should not strike with their feet lest that becomes known which they are covering of their attraction: bosoms.

  • And you people are directed to turn repenting towards Allah the Exalted collectively, O you the true Believers —

  • The objective being that you people might attain and reap the fruit of perpetual success. [24:31]

  • O those people/you, who self proclaim to have accepted-become believers, listen;

  • The Men and Women who are under control and in submission to you people-House Servants should make it a habit to seek prior permission and appointment of you people —

  • Likewise, those amongst you-in household who have not yet crossed over to puberty: age of experiencing wet dream —

Root: ح ل م

  • This restriction are for three points in time—

Root: م ر ر

  • These three periods in time are: before performing the Protocol of Servitude and allegiance of True Dawn to Sun Rise —

  • The second time is at Mid-day-Noon of Noon selected by you people for laying of clothes [from your back-lower area] —

Root: و ض ع

  • And third is after the Ass-sa'laat: Protocol of Servitude and allegiance of darkened Night.

Root: ع ش ى

  • These three timings of "Privacy-Sex" are exclusive occasions for you people-married couples.

  • There is no harm and constraint for you people and for them [restrained to disturb privacy] after these three timings, that they are frequent visitors for you, some of you visiting others in the house.

Root: ط و ف

  • This is how Allah the Exalted explicitly explicates Aa'ya'at: Verbal Passages of Qur’ān rendering each point-concept-situation distinctly isolated and crystal clear for you people [for comprehension as was promised to the Messenger Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] —

  • اس تقابلی انداز میں اللہ تعالیٰ اپنی آیات کوتم لوگوں کے فہم کے لئے متمیز اور واضح فرما دیتے ہیں۔

  • Remain cognizant; Allah the Exalted is the Fountain and Setter of knowledge-science of visible and invisible domains, realities, considerations; and the Infinitely Just Supreme Administrator of the created realm. [24:58]

  • And recall [on way] when a group from them (Muna'fi'qeen) said to others, "O you the inhabitants of Yassrib/ Madina, there is no standoff for you people, therefore, you people return back."

Root: ط و ف

  • And recall [before leaving] a group of them (Muna'fi'qeen) were asking permission of Elevated, Distinct and Chosen Revivalist [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] saying, "Our houses are bare and exposed", while factually those were not exposed —

  • They intended nothing but an escape [from war]. [33:13]



Prepositional Phrase. Prefixed preposition بِ + Noun: Indefinite; Singular; feminine; Genitive. (1)33:13=1

                               جار و مجرور= بـِ حرف جر + اسم: مجرور-واحد مؤنث


Noun: Indefinite; plural; feminine; Genitive (1)24:31=1

                                              اسم: مجرور-جمع مؤنث


Noun: Indefinite; plural; feminine; Genitive (1)24:58=1 

                                                  اسم: مجرور-جمع مؤنث


Noun: Indefinite; singular; feminine; nominative (1)33:13=1

                                                اسم: مرفوع-واحد مؤنث