Root: ح ى ص

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 5 

b) No of constructions: 2 Nouns

Ibn Faris [died 1005] stated:

(مقاييس اللغة)

الْحَاءُ وَالْيَاءُ وَالصَّادُ أَصْلٌ وَاحِدٌ، وَهُوَ الْمَيْلُ فِي جَوْرٍ وَتَلَدُّدٍ.

That it signifies the tendency-predisposition to be inferior and inwardly.

لسان العرب — ابن منظور (٧١١ هـ)

 الحَيْصُ: الحَيْدُ عَنِ الشيء.

It signifies departing away from something.

Lane Lexicon: He turned away from him, or it: (S, A, Msb, K:) and he returned, or went back, and fled, from him, or it:

Classical Lexicons

  • They are the people: their abode is Hell-Prison.

  • And they will never find a retiring place to get away from her (Hell-Prison). [4:121]

  • Know the happenings of day of resurrection; they (the non-believers) assembled in the open, all collectively, to make submissions for consideration of Allah the Exalted.

  • Thereat, the downtrodden said for those who had attained position of arrogant elite over them and were obsessed with pride of grandeur, "We were indeed for you people the unquestioning followers.

  • Therefore, can you people act as those who could avail averting some thing from the infliction of Allah away from us?"

  • They (arrogant trailblazers) replied, "Had Allah the Exalted guided us, we would certainly have guided you people.

  • It is one and the same thing for us whether we remain distressed or we exercised patience; for us, there is no retiring place other than the Hell-Prison." [14:21]

  • And that lost/vanished from them what they kept calling earlier in worldly life —

  • And they evaluated that for them there is no escape. [41:48]

  • And those have made themselves active to wrangle in Our Aa'ya'at of Divine Discourse with conjectures and void of substance talk, they may know that for them there is no place for escape and refuge. [42:35]

  • And quite many civilizations before them in human history Our Majesty have annihilated seizing them completely; they were powerful than them —

  • Thereat [when seized] they explored in the lands as to whether there was any place for escape. [50:36]

Root: ن ق ب




Locative Noun: Indefinite; Singular; Masculine; genitive. (1)14:21(2)41:48(3) 42:35(4)50:36=4                              ظرف مكان:مجرور-واحد مذكر


Locative Noun: Indefinite; Singular; Masculine; accusative (1)4:121=1

                              ظرف مكان:منصوب-واحد مذكر