Root: ب ل د

a) Total occurrences: 19

b) No of constructions: 10 All nouns

It occurs in 19 Ayahs in 15 Chapters.

(لسان العرب)
البَلْدَةُ والبَلَدُ: كل موضع أَو قطعة مستحيزة، عامرة كانت أَو غير عامرة. الأَزهري:البلد كل موضع مستحيز من الأَرض، عامر أَو غير عامر، خال أَو مسكون، فهو بلدوالطائفة منها بَلْدَةٌ.

That it refers to every spot, location or preoccupied area of the Earth, whether it was thriving life or otherwise; empty or inhabited.

It thus denotes a dwelling place, town, city.

Lane Lexicon

Classical Lexicons


  • Further be informed that when Iebra'heim [alai'his'slaam] had requested saying: "My Sustainer Lord! render-declare this Town a place that affords peace-law and order, security and safety —

  • And do grant sustenance of variety of fruits to its inhabitants, those of them who heartily became believers of Allah the Exalted and the Last Day."

  • He the Exalted replied: "However, for reason being the Sustainer Lord of all I will also grant him who disavowed, for a little period; thereafter [on the Day of Judgment] I will cause him driven to the torment of heated Hell-Prison".

  • Beware, how vile is this abode-destination to land in. [2:126]


  • Know the history of a point in time when Iebra'heim [alai'his'slaam] had prayed, "My Sustainer Lord, Declare and make this Town a place that affords peace-law and order, security and safety —

  • And do keep me and my progeny away - avoiding worshiping of the hand sculpted statues. [14:35]


  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce: "I was only advised that I remain subject-subservient-allegiant to the Sustainer Lord of this City, He the Exalted has declared her sanctified —

  • And every thing is the subject exclusively for Him the Exalted.

  • And I was advised [at the time of presentation/revelation of Qur’ān] that I be the first one [-39:12] of its acceptors/submitters —  [27:91]


  • Nay! I swear by this Town [valley in Mecca] — [90:01]

  • And you the Messenger [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] are popular resident of this Town. [90:02]


  • And by this Town [valley of Ka'aba in Mecca], its attribute is that it is rendered safe and secure:  [95:03]


  • The self projecting of riches in the Towns by those who have disavowed should not henceforth surprise you. [3:196]


  • Only those/elite and men of position who have deliberately refused to accept wrangle with scum and conjectural false myths against the Aa'ya'at [of the Book] of Allah the Exalted —

  • The acquired following-reputation- prominent position in the cities of those who have deliberately refused to accept should not surprise you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam]. [40:04]


  • And quite many civilizations before them in human history Our Majesty have annihilated seizing them completely; they were powerful than them —

  • Thereat [when seized] they explored in the lands as to whether there was any place for escape. [50:36]


  • The residents of the City of Iram; its peculiarity are the lofty Pillars — [89:07]

  • The like of which had not earlier been created in the cities. [89:08]


  • Those who over brimmed in transgression in the cities. [89:11]



  • And He the Exalted is the One who sends the Winds, evidently indicator-forerunner of His grace.

  • Subject to and till such time the Winds felt densely laden middle-dragging cloud light in carrying its weight, Our Majesty dragged the middle cloud heading it for a land which was characteristically dead.

  • Thereby, for reason of condition no more existing and destination arrived, Our Majesty dropped the Water accompanying it (Cloud).

  • Whereby, Our Majesty sprouted with it plant kingdom-all sorts of fruits.

  • Like this physical process, Our Majesty will move out/resurrect the dead.

  • Know this process so that you people might inculcate resurrection in memory and take lesson. [7:57]


  • Realize it; the land unit with defined boundaries which is characteristically: rich in nutrients, fertile - pleasantly beneficial: its vegetations come out by the Will of its Sustainer Lord.

  • And the land unit with defined boundaries that has experienced qualitative degradation -infertility: it does not expel something worthwhile; it brings out but picayune.

  • Like this physically observable reality, Our Majesty elaborate the verbal passages (of Qur'an) in interchanging pattern - alternatives for the people who acknowledge and express gratitude-appreciation,  [7:58]


  • And they carry your loads towards locations which you could not carry there except with trouble to selves.

  • Realize the fact that the Sustainer Lord of you people is certainly kind and merciful. [16:07]


  • And Our Majesty dropped variable quantity of water from the Sky, capable of rejuvenating-reviving - in a state void of dirt, or filth or the like thereof. [25:48]

  • Its objective is that Our Majesty might rejuvenate with it (water) a "dead piece of land-locality" —

  • And so that Our Majesty serve it for drinking for a large number of mammals and human beings whom We have created. [25:49]


  • Certainly there has been a tangible sign to take heed in their dwelling place for the people of Saba —

  • The sign was two gardens on the right and on the left side—

  • [they were asked] "You people eat from the sustenance of your Sustainer Lord and express gratitude and be grateful to Him"

  • A fertile city and Oft-Forgiving Sustainer Lord. [34:15]


  • Know it that Allah the Exalted is the One Who caused the sending of Winds [in state of uplifting aerosols-condensation nuclei resembling semen of stallion]. Thereby, having reached the destination, she (Winds) causing erethism, excitement charging the atmosphere raise-originate a cloud.

  • Thereby, for reasons of other processes completed Our Majesty drove it (middle cloud) heading it towards a land which was characteristically dead. Thereat, Our Majesty rejuvenated-brought to life with it the Earth after her "death".

  • The Resurrection-the Evidently Spread Reappearance is a phenomenon in the semblance of aforementioned physical realities. [35:09]


  • And He the Exalted is the One Who sent water from the Sky in a measured quantity —

  • Whereupon We rejuvenated/revived with it the dead piece of land/locality —

  • Like this you people will be the brought out [from Earth on Day of Resurrection] [43:11]


  • This is the sustenance for the people.

  • And Our Majesty rejuvenated/revived with it (water) the dead piece of land/locality —

  • Like this is the Resurrection/Exit [from beneath the Earth on Day of Resurrection]. [50:11]



1 Noun: Definite; masculine/feminine; plural; genitive. (1)3:196(2)40:04(3)50:36(4) 89:08(5)89:11=5 

                            اسم:معرفہ باللام- مجرور-جمع مؤنث/ مذكر

2 Noun: Definite; masculine; singular; nominative. (1)7:58=1

                         اسم :معرفہ باللام-مرفوع-واحد مذكر

3 Noun: Definite; masculine; singular; accusative. (1)14:35=1      اسم :معرفہ باللام-منصوب-واحد مذكر  
4 Noun: Definite; masculine; singular; genitive. (1)90:01(2)90:02(3)95:03=3     اسم :معرفہ باللام-مجرور-واحد مذكر  
5 Noun: Definite; feminine; singular; genitive. (1)27:91=1

                                 اسم :معرفہ باللام-مجرور-واحد مؤنث

6 Noun: Indefinite; masculine; singular; genitive. (1)16:07(2)35:09=2 اسم :مجرور-واحد مذكر  
7  Noun: Indefinite; Masculine; singular; accusative. (1)2:126=1اسم :منصوب-واحد مذكر  

  Noun: Indefinite; feminine; singular; accusative. (1)25:49(2)43:11(3)50:11=3            اسم :منصوب-واحد مؤنث


Noun: Indefinite; feminine; singular; nominative. (1)34:15=1      اسم :مرفوع-واحد مؤنث


Prepositional Phrase:   Inseparable preposition  + Noun: Indefinite; masculine; singular; genitive (1)7:57=1 

           جار و مجرور= لِ حرف جر + اسم : مجرور- واحد مذكر