Root: ح ى ن

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 34 

b) No of constructions: 6 All Noun


Lane Lexicon: It, or its time, or season, was, or became, or drew, near; or was at hand:

Time, period, a certain time, to approach, to draw near, to watch out for, to await the opportunity,

A nominal used in Qur’ān as either a free unit or second part in construct, as free unit time, point in time, period of time.

In construct as the first part, at the time of, when, while; with the second part as a noun, at a moment [28:15] and as a clause [5:101] while. As the second part of a construct, a while, span of time, regular period of time 14:25.

  • Thereat, through devious manipulation Shai'taan caused both slip off her (the given advice).

  • Thereby, he (Shai'taan) caused the exile of of both of them from state of felicity-comfort in which they had been

  • And Our Majesty directed: "You all descend

  • Some of you people will be acting as enemy for some other


  • Know it, comfortable dwelling and livelihood - sustenance is arranged in the Earth for you people for a duration to an appointed moment of termination". [2:36]


  • Thereat why not [your godheads help him) when she (inner-self/Nafs) has reached the throat-pharynx (of dying person) [56:83]

  • While you people at that moment of so happening are watching[the dying akin that nothing can escape him] [56:84]



Time adverb: singular; masculine; genitive. (1)2:36(2)7:24(3)10:98(4)12:35(5)16:80 (6)21:111(7)23:25(8)23:54(9)36:44(10)37:148(11)37:174(12)37:178(13)51:43=13     ظرف زمان:مجرور



Time adverb/Noun: genitive.(1)14:25(2)38:88=2                               ظرف زمان:مجرور


Noun: singular; masculine; genitive. (1)28:15=1                                  ظرف زمان:مجرور


Time adverb/Noun: singular; masculine; accusative. (1)2:177(2)5:101(3)5:106(4) 11:05(5)16:06(6)16:06(7)21:39(8)24:58(9)25:42(10)26:218(11)30:17(12)30:17(13)30:18(14)38:03(15) 39:42(16)39:58(17)52:48=17                                                                                        ظرف زمان:منصوب


Noun: singular; masculine; nominative. (1)76:01=1                            ظرف زمان:مرفوع


Possessive Phrase: Time adverb/Noun: singular; masculine; accusative  + Possessive Noun: singular; masculine; in genitive state. (1)56:84=1   

                     الإِضَافَةُ-ظرف زمان: منصوب-واحد مذكر/مضاف +  ظرف زمان-واحد  مذكر  في محل جر-مضاف إليه