Supercell thunderstorm-In-Cloud Lightening

Lightning animation depicting inter-cloud lightning in Toulouse, France. This sequence occurred during a duration of 0.32 seconds. Image courtesy: Wikipedia


Would you believe if I say that the early 7th century Arabs of desert Hijaz were aware of activities and phenomenon taking place within a single thunderhead like the sort of excited and charged movements all over, and about in-cloud luminosity? You will certainly ask for the evidence. Honestly speaking, I do not have any authority or evidence in its support. But, the most famous book of the world reaching to me from them, i.e. Grand Qur’ān did say this to desert Arabs. Therefore, you have either to accept my unsubstantiated statement or you will have to believe that this Book was not authored by an Arab living in 7th century AD in the city of Mecca.


  • Or alternatively, semblance - illustration of them (Muna'fi'qeen) is like the illustration of: صَيِّبٍ [Hyperbolic-Intensive participle] Supercell thunderstorm that has suddenly overtaken-descended from the Sky

  • یا (منافقین کی مثال ایسے ہے) جیسے آسمان میں سے مہیب بادل نے آن لیا ہو ۔

  • Layers of darkness and activity of excited movements, and luminosity-lightening keep happening within it (him-صَيِّبٍ] Supercell thunderstorm). [Refer 2:19]

  • اُس (مثبت چارج والے مہیب بادل)کے اندر تہہ بر تہہ اندھیرے اور ہلچل،گڑگڑاہت اور بجلی کی چمک موجود ہے ۔


The discourse is about verbal portrayal of apparent attitude and internal psyche, state of mind and heart of a peculiar class of people found only in a Sovereign Muslim Society. They are classified and identified by Allah the Exalted, in Grand Qur’ān by a specific "Family Name" in the Species-Human Beings. They are Muna'fi'qeen: imposter believers. [Please do not equate it with English word "Hypocrite"]. Every human being has his apparent manifestations and an internal world which is of the True Person whom we see, identify and classify as human being from his apparent structure. So is everything, all matter. Let us see their inner self and apparent conduct from the above parable and metaphors which are used by knowledgeable persons and scientists to verbally portray the invisible secrets for perception and visualization by masses and ordinary people like me.

Appositive/Coordinating Conjunction Particle: [التخيير alternative options]

It is a Possessive Phrase: كَ Prefixed Exemplifying Noun. The Possessive Noun is Hyperbolic/Intensive participle. It is singular, masculine, denoting a single entity. Hyperbolic/Intensive participle signifies the one that enacts, the base meaning of its Verbal Noun, exaggeratedly/excessively/intensively. Its Root " ص و ب" denotes the overtaking-descending of a thing that holds firmly and durably the ground-overtaken thing. Thus, it describes some Super type cloud that holds durably, it is steady.

Its adjective is elided which is understood by the Exemplifying noun and presence of following prepositional phrase relating to the state faced by people under portrayal, i.e. Muna'fi'qeen, a peculiar segment of Muslim society who make false and deceptive pronouncement of having become believers.

The inner self of this Hyperbolic/Intensive active participle- صَيِّبٍ  is portrayed by an inverted nominal sentence:

It is the delayed Subject of the inverted Nominal Sentence, and is Plural feminine. It denotes layers of darkness. The following two Verbal Nouns are in opposition to it. Had these not been Verbal Nouns, for apposition plural nouns were needed in nominative case.

: It is a verbal noun signifying an activity wherein is excitement, and the whole thing is in excited and charged state. This is the perception infolded in the Root: ر ع د as was portrayed by learned Ibne Faris [died-1005] in these words: يدلُّ على حركةٍ واضطرابٍ. وكلُّ شيءٍ اضطربَ  that it leads to the perception of movement, and agitating excitement and the whole thing is in commotion-charged state.

:It is also a verbal noun signifying firstly the luminosity and gleam of a thing and secondly, congregation/joining of "blacks" and "whites" in a thing. Learned Ibne Faris [died 1005] said about its Root: ب ر ق  stating its perception: لمعانُ الشيء؛ والآخر اجتماع السَّوادِ والبياضِ في الشيء

: It is the Prepositional Phrase, and the singular masculine pronoun refers back to: صَيِّبٍ Hyperbolic/Intensive participle. This phrase relates to the elided fronted Predicate of the nominal sentence, and the preposition indicates that the aforesaid three things are the inner self of the Intensive Active Participle-state and the activities going on within it since the verbal nouns signify only activity and state.

It may be noted that the Verbal Noun: is prior to and to it links as apposition the Verbal Noun: . Both are  within the صَيِّبٍ Hyperbolic/Intensive participle. Therefore, for this reason and grammatical structuring being in apposition to a plural noun, these two verbal nouns cannot and should not be taken as Object Nouns with the meanings as "thunder" and "lightening". They signify only the verbal meanings as mentioned above. Within the severe/super thunderstorm, the sequence is first: and then .

The excited and charged state and luminous and gleaming activity is happening within this صَيِّبٍ. Did Arabs of 7th century, or even today does the majority of people world over know about "In-Cloud Lightening"? Majority, in time and space, only knows about Cloud-to-Ground Lightening followed by listening sound of thunder as one sharp crack.  

The Meteorologists can better adjudge whether or not  is like this?

We are left with no option but either to accept this great Man who narrated the aforementioned information as the first best Nephologist or as the Messenger of Allah the Exalted-the Creator and Sustainer Lord of all that exists. However, the first proposition of it being his personal observation and knowledge was negated by himself and is recorded in the same Book He had further stated under advice from his Sustainer Lord:

  • Moreover, you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce: "The Infinite Glory and Praise eternally stands specified entirely and exclusively for Allah the Exalted. He the Exalted will henceforth keep visually showing you people His Aa'ya'at: Verbal Unitary Passages mirroring physical realities [in the Universe and your own bodies] Thereat, you people will keep recognizing them as were verbally mirrored

  • And your Sustainer Lord is indeed never unmindful/neglecting of what acts you people perform." [27:93]

  • Our Majesty will henceforth keep visually exposing Our tangible realities prevalent in the Universe-horizons and in their own bodies to the eyes of them (who accept not the Qur’ān).

  • The purpose of this visual manifestation is that it might become self manifest for them that it (Qur’ān) is Infallible Doctrine-Discourse of Reality-Profitability and substance of permanence. [Refer 41:53]

Grand Qur’ān informed that Allah the Exalted will keep bringing to human visual access, the knowledge about universe and human body, whereby the fact that Grand Qur’ān is a Statement of Proven Fact/absolute reality might become self manifest to the people who keep denying it. Why a first time observation of hitherto unseen thing manifests that the Qur’ān is a statement of proven fact? This is possible only if the same thing finds verbal mirroring of it in the Qur’aan. Verbal specification and visual observation are two aspects of identification of a tangible fact of real existence, as denoted by Arabic word: . The visual observation of an earlier unseen fact will manifest a book written earlier in time as the Book of Facts which contains its verbal presentation. This will establish that the Book really contains verbal statements of physical/scientific facts and is not conjectural, hypothetical and presumptive in its contents.