The HouseFly

reminds frailty of human beings.


The housefly is spread all over the world as commensal of humans meaning "eating at the same table with humans".

 Wikipedia states: 

Flies appear in literature from Ancient Greek mythology and Aesop's The Impertinent Insect onwards.

There are no less than five fables concerning an impertinent insect, which is taken in general to refer to the kind of interfering person who makes himself out falsely to share in the enterprise of others or to be of greater importance than he is in reality. Some of these stories are included among Aesop's Fables, while others are of later origin, and from them have been derived idioms in English and French. (unquote)













The people who call/worship/submit/demonstrate allegiance to hand-made sculpted statues and others; considering them various iela'aha: godheads as associates of Allah the Exalted, never have a plausible argument to advance except claiming that they are following the footsteps of their forefathers. This is nothing but emotionalism far from logic and reason and is rather shackle in which they confined/imprisoned their intellect resulting in inertial state placing them at par with matter/the dead. With a view to perforate their shackle and revive them to "life" they are confronted with a simple reality that a Real Iela'aha is the One Who creates.

  • O You the humanity! Be attentive. An example has struck the equation evident. Therefore, you people be attentive listener for that.

  • Realize the fact that those whom you people call, apart from Allah the Exalted

  • They will never ever be able to create housefly even if they all rallied together and made collective effort for it.

  • What to say of creating housefly, if the housefly takes-snatches away something from their front they all cannot recover that thing from that housefly.

  • The seeker and the sought thus stand proved feeble. [22:73]


The basic purpose of a book is to preserve knowledge for the posterity of humanity. Moreover, if the knowledge/data/fact/information preserved in a book is for the entire humanity then it becomes all the more important that the book should be easy for comprehension since the level of intellect of human beings varies. One method to make things easier for perception is to explain a thing with an example. An example [مَثَلُ] is something representative by virtue of having typical features of the thing it represents. An illustration supports or provides more information on an opinion, theory, or principle. An example is that which is visibly perceivable by senses. In the Ayah Metaphor has not been used which is vividly different and distinct from the word example {مَثَلُ}. Metaphorical explanation is not easy to comprehend for men of lowly intellect but men of even ordinary prudence conveniently understand example [مَثَلُ].

Grand Qur’aan is to stay permanently, a guide in time and space, and a statement of fact.  It is necessary that whatever is therein it should be easily perceivable by every reader in time and space notwithstanding the level of information and knowledge available to him and at the same time, it must remain a fact according to the knowledge of each individual in time and space.

Perhaps there was/will not be any listener/reader of Grand Qur’ān who is not familiar with the housefly. It is present near human habitations throughout the world. In the times when men could not see things by magnifying instruments the impossibility mentioned in the example was a fact for them since they could not detect with naked eye the tiny thing that the housefly takes away. The perception and the purpose of the example was quite manifest to them.

It is not in the example that the man cannot catch or kill a housefly. The impossibility quoted is that of creating housefly and taking/recovering back what he has snatched/taken and moved away. Today we can catch and see the housefly in thousands of larger than original size and could see the particle taken by him and could recover it. However, Grand Qur’ān informs us that we will never be able to recover it from housefly. A housefly keeps exposing our frailty the world over.

The Housefly has a soft proboscis, a trunk as organ that branches into a two-lobed tip and has a spongy pad called a labellum.  A specific feature of the housefly is the way they "digest" food. Unlike many other living organisms, flies "digest" food not through mouth, but outside of their body. The spongy pad [labellum] dribbles saliva onto the thing they want to take away. It contains enzymes that breaks down the thing they want to take away and dissolves/liquefies it. As soon, it happens the proboscis comes into play on the wet surface and the fluid’s suction is by means of capillary action and a bellows like pump in their head. He sucks up our thing from our front, stows away the pad and moves on. We will never be able to out wit the housefly and get back our "property" he has snatched.

Grand Qur’ān has informed mankind, 1400 years back, as follows:
  • Our Majesty will henceforth keep visually exposing Our tangible realities prevalent in the Universe-horizons and in their own bodies to the eyes of those who do not accept the Qur’ān.

  • The purpose of this visual manifestation is that it might become self manifest for them that Qur’ān is Infallible Doctrine-Discourse of Reality-Profitability and substance of permanence.

  • [Reverting to their conduct] Do you think that your Sustainer Lord has not yet been considered to suffice as ultimate observer? The fact is that He the Exalted  is the One and only Who is the Observer-the Omnipresent upon every thing/whole time and space. [41:53]





Grand Qur’ān has informed that Allah the Exalted will keep bringing to human visual access, the knowledge about universe and human body, whereby the fact that Grand Qur’ān is a Statement of Proven Fact/absolute reality might become self manifest to the people who keep denying it. Why a first time observation of hitherto unseen thing manifests that the Qur’ān is a statement of proven fact? This is possible only if the same thing finds verbal mirroring of it in the Qur’aan. Verbal specification and visual observation are two aspects of identification of a tangible fact of real existence, as denoted by Arabic word: . The visual observation of an earlier unseen fact will manifest a book written earlier in time as the Book of Facts which contains its verbal presentation. This will establish that the Book really contains verbal statements of physical/scientific facts and is not conjectural, hypothetical and presumptive in its contents.

Wisdom is that state of acquisition of knowledge when the invisible of the matter and its relationships {باطن} become perceivable through vision and intellect. However, the remote past and remote future is beyond our vision and perception. Notwithstanding what distance we could cover in the past and the future we can never say with confidence and certainty that we have reached and seen and perceived the things at the point of beginning or ending in future. We can never encompass the matter in its entirety not only because of its extremely voluminous and diversified nature but also because we know the skies are expanding all the time. Therefore, if we can manage to reach its today's last boundary and limit it would have gone farther the moment we reach the point we thought is the ending point. It is an endless pursuit; this is the limitation of our capability of vision and intellect. We will always end up in a closed street.

Knowledge is primarily divided into two branches; knowledge of things/matter and what happened-was talked about by the people; their dialogues, habits and acts in the past. The knowledge about the matter is verifiable in time and space. Anything said by anyone or a book regarding physical matters could be subjected to verification in time and space about its truth to an exact detail. If we find the words of a book relating to physical matters written earlier in time as true and factually and materially correct in all respects then we will have to believe too, in those statements of the Book which narrate some events/dialogues between people of past/historical statements. The falsification test of any book/statement could be the physical one. The facts mentioned in the Qur'an about the Universe and human body is in itself the falsification test of the Book.

Does not this proven frailty of ours and of those whom we keep calling suggest us to submit and be exclusively allegiant and sincere to the Creator of the Housefly and wholeheartedly accept His Words permanently written in the Grand Qur’ān?

  • Certainly this Qur’ān is undoubtedly the Infallible Doctrine-Discourse which is absolutely convincing and satisfying. [56:95]

  • And certainly this Qur’ān is undoubtedly the Infallible Doctrine-Discourse which is absolutely convincing. [69:51]