Grand Qur’ān in the 21st century

Rendered in English


Triplet Theory of Translation


Seven layered segmentation of text


1. Language: Origin and Prime Language

2.  Language and Dialect of Qur’ān

3. Source of Grand Qur’ān:   the Mother - Principal Book

4. Title: Ambit of the Book

5. Theses statement.

Thesis statement, second sentence:

6. Person of the writer and publisher of Divine Discourse

7. License of the Publisher

8. Intellectual Property of Divine Discourse is ever guarded - impossible to alter-edit in space-time





4. Format and Organization

First sub set of the miscellany of Grand Qur’ān   Second sub-set

5. Translation and interpretation

Definition of translation and interpretation

Need for self-translation and comprehension

Works of certain Religious scholars on the Divine Book - mingling and jumbling of stories.

6. Theory of Translation

Prevalent Translation Theories

Triplet Theory of Translation

7. Semantic of  Grand Qur’ān and DNA

Semantics of DNA

Semantics of Grand Qur’ān

Common Peculiarities between Qur’ān  and DNA

8. Palavers about Grand Qur’ān

Is Qur’ān translatable?

Is translating and comprehending Qur’ān very difficult

What was the necessity of rendering Qur’ān facilitative

Did our Teacher write the Qur’ān

9. How was Qur’ān rendered facilitative for reading.

By enabling effortless recognition of words and phrases.

10. How was it rendered facilitative for comprehending.

By unique device: تَصْرِيفٌ like displaying event using multiple cameras.

By similes and analogies of selected instances.

Bt marvellous of literary device: : evocative luminous enlightenments

By using minimum vocabulary and grammatical units.

By organizing it in Encyclopaedic Format.

11. Semantic Density of Divine Discourse

Greater the semantic density, easier is it to understand and interpret.

12. It is a non-fiction, self-explanatory -  exegetical book:

13. Critical thinking: تَدَبُّرٌ: Using background information.







Best Method of self-translating and understanding

Translation and comprehension resembles digestion process.

Seven layer analysis

Responsibilities of the publisher of Original Text

Plagiarism is cognizable offence

Translators and exegetes have no right to insert stories in target text

Ethical and professional prerequisites for translator and interpreter of Qur’ān.

Infinitely Reliable Book - No peeving content

  Infallible Discourse

: The Permanent Manual for aright conduct in Earthly Life

Inimitable-Impossible to alter

: Epithet of Grand Qur’ān: Memoir of Existence: Referential/Reference Book.

(b)  : Classification - categorization - demarcation and individuation 

16.  .

22. Divine Origin



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Urdu Tafsir


Rashad Khalifa