Why is it necessary acquiring skill for self-translation and comprehension -

Built-in Information about certain religious scholars and their works on the Divine Bookmingling and jumbling of fabricated stories.

The importance of studying Qur’ān is unquestionably realized and admitted by the believers the world over. The foremost reason for self acquiring the skill for real-time translation and comprehending is that living the life according to the contents - injunctions of Qur’ān is mandatory upon the believers. Our earliest forefathers who accepted and believed in the Divine Discourse had pronounced:

  • Further they (the Believers) said: "We have listened (the Unitary Verbal Passages of  Qur’ān recited by the Messenger) and have wholeheartedly accepted it (Qur’ān). [Refer 2:285]

Allah the Exalted has declared it as our Covenant and has bound us by it:

  • And recall and celebrate the Grace-obliging beneficence of Allah the Exalted upon you people.

  • And remember His Pledge-Covenant that by which He the Exalted has tied-bound you people when you said: "We have listened and we have wholeheartedly accepted it (Qur’ān)". [Refer 5:07]

What was it that our earliest forefathers had listened? What was that which the exalted universal Messenger - Spokesperson of Allah the Almighty recited? It is mentioned in the same words he spoke:

  • And that I was commanded to recite/communicate the Qur’ān to people, word by word."

  • Thereby, [he has since done it], whoever in response (the Qur’ān having reached) endeavoured getting aright guided, thereat, he is guiding-leading on the way only for his own self.

  • Similarly, whoever remained neglectful-indifferent (towards Qur’ān having reached him, thereby the consequential fact is that his strays-neglect has effect upon his self-refer10:108; elided apodosis clause can also be construed as "then he the messenger is not responsible)

  • Therefore, [not being responsible for him] you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce: "I am only the member of the Awakeners/Revivalists/Admonishers (who were sent prior to me." [27:92]

It is earlier also declared that it is individual's responsibility to guide himself aright in the light of Qur’ān

  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce: "O you the Mankind! The Infallible Doctrine-Discourse (Qur’ān) has since reached to you people from your Sustainer Lord in easy to comprehend composition.

  • Thereby, whoever in response (the Qur’ān having reached) endeavoured getting aright guided, thereat he is guiding-leading on the way only for his own self.

  • Similarly, whoever remained neglectful-indifferent (towards Qur’ān), thereby the consequential fact is that his strays-neglect has effect upon his self.

  • Remain aware that I (Muhammad [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam]) am not assigned the responsibility to act as disposer of affairs and caretaker upon you people." [10:108]

Works of certain Religious scholars on the Divine Book - mingling and jumbling of stories.

Grand Qur’ān is guide in timeline for the humanity. Mankind lives in association and as a social unity where individuals are influenced by others. Thereby, it is the responsibility of the guide to caution individuals about the people of negative and satanic orientation. After the ruling elite it is the intelligentsia who are most influential in orienting the patterns of life of common people. Many of them become trailblazers. Allah the Exalted has very explicitly mentioned that majority of the religious scholars, intelligentsia are psychological manipulators and has identified and cautioned about their satanic attitude and conduct.

Grand Qur’ān, like all other Divine Revelations in earlier timeline towards individual civilizations, is the Book most feared by ruling elite whose reason and intellect is veiled by considerations of vested interests. They raise noises, slanders and palavers when they perceive their interests are in jeopardy and they are clueless to defend their long held ideas and beliefs with reason, logic and tangible evidence. The introduction of Qur’ān is forcefully impressive and a very loud authoritative but polite, affectionate, caring and considerate voice is heard by the reader ensuring the reader that he will find in its miscellany nothing but the truth. Truth demolishes the falsity: the foundation and building blocks of status quo; the empire of the ruling elite and their coterie intelligentsia, characters like Ha'man and Qa'roon of Pharaoh. They fear it, and treat this book as their enemy and threat to their dominance:

  • Know it: those (ruling elite) who had disavowed advised aristocrats saying:

  • "You people should not attentively hear this Qur’ān.

  • Instead, you are instructed to devise and spread conjectures-palavers about it (as if it is nugatory to merit attention).

  • This strategy might enable you people retain the dominating authority." [41:26]

The experts suggest that one of the criteria a book has to meet to earn title of a great book is that "The book has to speak from an important original setting". The above verbatim quote of the Ruling Elders of  Mecca of that time is reflective of the fact that they were amongst the first to know the contents of the Book and found them rationally unchallengeable. Qur’ān had threatened and overtaken their nerves making them panicky. Cognizant and fearful of lacking evidence and support-argument for their long self-devised ideologies and system to counter the force, veracity and convincing voice and arguments of the Book, they advised aristocrats and intelligentsia that they should not listen the Qur’ān, and directed them to author and relate with it repetitively all sorts of negative propositions to render and depict it as of a nugatory import.

Can anyone perceive some logic, reason or rationale for the above response strategy of Ruling Elite except the fear of truthfulness and efficaciousness of Grand Qur’ān which they perceived as detrimental to their illogical beliefs, norms, practices and vested interests?

This response of the ruling elite for a book is unprecedented in human history. Qur’ān is the only book against which the ruling elite could blatantly say not to attentively listen it. Can we cite such an irrational and blatant attitude of spreading all sorts of frivolous chatters and palavers against a book which one has neither listened nor read?

They exposed their fears. Qur’ān is a threat to their false rule and dominance over general public. They decided it must not be listened and be rendered nugatory by false imaginary propaganda to keep people away from it to retain their authority and dominance.

The majority of aristocracy and their coterie scholars use their Logical Brain-Frontal Lobe of cerebral cortex associated with higher function of thought and action. It is associated with reasoning, planning, movement, problem solving, emotion's control, and parts of speech [Broca's area]. They use this faculty to plan deceptive and falsified tactics to exercise and perpetually retain their authority and dominance over general public whom they consider in their privacies as: the vilest-riffraff of society. But their personalities are the worst slaves of their Emotional or Limbic Brain. They are warned:

  • Nay, it is certain that if he did not self desist forbidding the performance of  Sa'laat: Time bound Protocol of Allegiance: Our Majesty will certainly drag him by the forelock [96:15]

  • His forelock: characteristically in habit of lying and deliberately sinful. [96:16]

Let us watch how the otherwise intelligent Elite and their coterie scholars "religiously" followed the above command of their Ruling Elders for spreading conjectures and palavers about Qur’ān:

  • The fact is that they said to people: "That what he is stating are but muddled dreams

  • No, these are not muddled dreams, actually he has at his own diligently fabricated it- Qur’ān

  • No, not that, actually he (Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam) is a Poet

  • Thereby, if he is a Messenger he should bring to us a miracle- unprecedented demonstrative sign like those as were sent with the earlier Messengers." [21:05]

At another time they tried to popularize their this point of view about Qur’ān:

  • And look those-elite ruling elders who had disavowed said to people

  • "This (Qur’ān) is nothing but a falsity defying hitherto accepted beliefs

  • He (Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam) has purposely compiled - authored it on his own

  • And some other people have assisted him on his desire in that compilation."

  • -- Thereby, they have now adopted an attitude - course of impropriety-slander-distortions and blatant falsification --. [25:04]

And noticing that large chunk of its text comprises of Narratives, they tried to mislead general public by propagating this opinion about Qur’ān:

  •  Moreover, they- the ruling elite further said to people; "The contents of it (Qur’ān which he has authored) are the fairy tales of the ancients; He (Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam), of his own accord, has purposely and diligently written them

  • Thereby, in response to his seeking assistance these (tales) are frequently - off and onmorning and evening being dictated to him for his writing in black and white".  [25:05]

How much intellectually corrupt and dishonest were they is self evident from their verbatim quotes. Instead of comprehensibly listening, they directed their intelligentsia: ٱلْغَوْا۟ فِيهِ "Devise and spread conjectures-palavers about it (as if it is nugatory to merit attention)". The verb stems from Root: ل غ و. Ibn Faris [died 1005] stated that "it leads to the perception of something which is inappreciable, inconsiderable; and secondly to attach to - be very fond of, mention continually, repetitively talk of or about something." Its usage in the Grand Qur’ān is in the perception of frivolous, vain, futile, absurd, palaver, empty talk void of substance; myths, gossips, and thoughtless utterances like catch phrases.

The objective of devising palavers and calling the contents of Divine Discourse as fairy tales and gossips of ancient people was to distance general pubic away from Qur’ān while:

  • Know it; Some oft them (elite) pretend listening to you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam]

  • While Our Majesty have rendered that what they claim covers upon their hearts as protection that hinders them comprehending it (Qur’ān).

  • And Our Majesty have rendered their so called (41:5) heavy load deposited within their ears as acoustic impedance persisting in their ears.

  • Take note, if they see every Ayah: unprecedented display, they will not accept and believe in it.

  • Despite this when they have come to you; they wrangle with you for it.

  • Those who have disavowed say to people:

  • "This (Qur’ān) is nothing but compilation of the tales of ancients." [6:25]

  • And they prohibit people to remain away from it (Qur’ān); while they (elite-intelligentsia) keep tilting away from it (Qur’ān) to their vested interests.

  • And by doing this they harm none except their selves

  • But they perceive it not. [6:26]

The elite adopt all deceptive methods of psychological manipulators including concocting palavers about the Divine Discourse presented by the Messenger of Allah the Exalted to rope people away from it to safeguard their vested interests and hegemony. 

About the afterwards history, we need not give detailed critiques on the works of scholars about Grand Qur’ān, be they the claimants of belief or the non-believers, since Allah the Exalted has already given us, succinctly in straight forward simple words, the information about the scholars and religious elite. There are scholars about whom it is told that atilt-deflection is dominant in their heartslocus of passion and intellect:

  • Thereby, as for that group of scholars is concernedAtilt- deflection is dominant in their heartslocus of passion and understanding, their attitude is:

  • For that reason of personality disorder, they purposely pursue that from it (Qur’ān) which could be pretended as confusing [Refer3:07]

It should be noted that conduct of a group of people towards Qur’ān is mentioned in the apodosis clause-predicate. Not that something mentioned in Qur’ān is baffling, confusing, puzzling, vague or ambiguous. Verbal sentence: comprises of Verb: Perfect; third person; singular; masculine; [Form-VI]; Intransitive; Subject Pronoun hidden; مصدر-تَشَابُهٌ  Verbal Noun. Form VI verb has the added meanings: To pretend or resemble: to pretend to be in the state depicted by the verb, or show a resemblance to the state. The Prepositional Phrase: related to elided circumstantial clause for the subject of preceding verb. Object noun of Preposition is referent to the Book - Qur’ān. What these scholars of atilt hearts thought as capable of being pretended as perplexing - confusing.

The objective of their conduct further exposes this fact:

  • Their objective is to endeavour achieving disharmony, perplexity, perturbation in society. And another objective is expounding self deduced interpretations of it (Qur’ān). [Refer3:07]

Allah the Exalted has informed that this practice of certain scholars is not something new. It has always been the practice of the devilish-natured in human and Jinn species who are declared as enemy for every Chosen and Elevated sincere Allegiant of Allah the Exalted:

  • Take note; this is the reason Our Majesty have declared the devilish-natured in human and Jinn species as enemy for every Chosen and Elevated sincere Allegiant of Allah the Exalted.

  • Their (enemies of the Messengers) peculiar feature-method of animosity is that some of them narrate-communicate towards others the discourse adorned with false embellishments, deceitfully-intentionally misleading others.

  • -- However had it been the resolve of your Sustainer Lord, they could not have done initiating it --.

  • Therefore, for reason of granted liberty of choice to them, you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam]  leave them and that which they imaginatively fabricate. [6:112]

Why satanic minded people fabricate and narrate-communicate to others the fascinating stories? They want to develop a like-minded group:

  • And their (enemies of the Messengers) intention is to incline the minds of those who consciously believe not in the Hereafter, towards it (the fascinating deceptive discourse)  

  • And so that they (target audience) might be pleased with it, and that they might indulge mingling false assertions with truth which they (pioneer fabricators of falsities) mingle. [6:113]

Further information about the satanic practice of scholars regards mingling and jumbling of fabricated stories with Divine Revelations is:

  • Take note: Neither Our Majesty sent a man before you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] appointing him as Messenger, nor Our Majesty sent to the world an Elevated and Chosen Distinct Person (who was to be appointed as Messenger on reaching strengthen maturity)

  • Except at a point in time when (this had already occurred):

  • Shai'taan (the devil-minded in Human and Jinn species) had purposely displayed and popularized fabricated fascinating stories mingling and jumbling them in the message of Him the Exalted.

  • Thereby, by appointing the Messenger, Allah the Exalted kept replacing that (the falsifications) which Shai'taan was popularizing.

  • Thereafter, Allah the Exalted causes the confirmation and establishing the ayaat: verbal communication of Him the Exalted.

  • Remain cognizant; Allah the Exalted is the Fountain and Setter of knowledgescience of visible and invisible domains, realities, considerations; and is the Infinitely Just Supreme Administrator of the created realm. [22:52]

  • [These enemies of Messengers are let spreading conjectural fascinating myths-6:112] So that He the Exalted may render that which Shai'taan has spread - popularized in society as crucible of trial that is alluring for such peopleIrrational beliefs - a disease - psychological disorder - envy, jealousy, and malice, bias, rancour is self implanted- nurtured within their hearts- locus of understanding - consciousness; and for those whose hearts have become rigid.


  • And indeed those who go againstdiffercontradictdistort [the contents of the Book of Allah] are certainly in schismoppositionmaintaining a separate identity. [22:53]

Please recall the objective: (in ayah 3:7) of such scholars of Grand Qur’ān who have atilt and deflection in their hearts in persuading people to fall in disharmony, perplexity, perturbation. They mingle and jumble their personal false, fabricated thoughts and stories with the contents of Grand Qur’ān. Allah the Exalted has rendered their such fabrications mingled and jumbled with the Divine Discourse as: crucible of trial and test only for people who nurture malice, rancour, envy, jealousy in their hearts and for those whose hearts are rigid.

Such literature authored by this class of pseudo scholars rather helps the knowledgeable people to understand that the discourse of Grand Qur’ān is infallible truth:

  • And the objective [of letting enemies of Messengers spreading conjectural fascinating myths-6:112] is that those who are bestowed the knowledge might ascertain that it (Grand Qur’ān) is the Infallible Doctrine - Discourse sent by the Sustainer Lord of you the Messenger in easy to comprehend composition

  • Whereby they might heartily believe in it and thereat their hearts become reverent for it.

  • And indeed Allah the Exalted is certainly the Guide, for those who have accepted/believed, leading them towards the High road: Course that keeps heading safely and stably to the destination of peace and tranquillity. [22:54]

Knowledgeable people can easily differentiate between conjecture, empty gossips, palavers, unsubstantiated fascinating stories, blabbers, falsely alluring statements, and a factually truthful discourse. When they compare both, they arrive to the conclusion that it is only the Grand Qur’ān which is infallible Discourse - Doctrine. Once a rational being is logically convinced about the veracity and truthfulness of a Discourse he affectionately accepts its contents and becomes its reverent. 

Allah the Exalted has informed and cautioned that majority of people held as scholars and trailblazers are in fact usurpers of people's wealth - parasites who divert-hinder people away from the High Road of Allah the Exalted:

  • O those/you who proclaim to have accepted-become believers, listen;

  • It is a fact that majority of those recognized in society as religious scholars and ascetics - monastics certainly usurp the money and goods of people, by advocating delusional and fascinating scummy relays

  • Whereby they hinder-divert people away from the High road of Allah the Exalted.

  • Take note; Those who treasure gold and silver and spend it not for other's welfare in reverence of Allah the Exalted:

  • Accordingly, they indeed deserve recompense; therefore, you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] give them the "good news" of severe torment in wait for them. [9:34]

Taking note of the explicit information and cautioning about a large number of religious scholars and their works about the Grand Qur’ān, we must learn and acquire the skill for its real-time translation strictly following the academic rules and principles. We may feel horrified that the harshest exemplification is by the Parable of Sled-Dog for a religious scholar:


  • And you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] relay unto them the narrative of the man whom Our Majesty had given the knowledge of Our Aa'ya'at: Verbal passages of  the Book; then, he purposely detracted away from them.

  • Resultantly, Shai'taan/Satan overtook him; thenceforth, he lived the life of transgressors overstepping the restraints and bounds. [7:175]

  • And had Our Majesty decided We would have indeed elevated-intellectualized him with these; but for the reason that he incessantly inclined towards the worldly interests and followed his desires and conjectures;

  • Thereat, (because of hardened attitude for his vested interests, facts lost relevance for him), his similarity-equation was like that peculiar sled dog should you subject him to physically carry weight upon him he would pant; or should you relieve him even then he would pant.

  • This (sled dog-like) is the similitude of people who persistently contradicted Aa'ya'at: Verbal passages of Our Book.

  • Therefore, you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] narrate this episode in these words so that they might self reflect objectively. [7:176]

This is an informative statement-a proposition that if the dog is treated as beast of burden and is subjected to carry a load he would pant. Therefore, it was understandable even to those people in time-line who did not know that certain dogs are used as beast of burden in some areas of the world. The Grand Qur’ān was providing to the Arabs of Hijaz-desert people information relating to the entire Globe; that was soon  to become like a Village for humanity.

One reason that causes the dog to pant is the stress, exercise and fatigue. However, the act of panting is there in normal situation also without subjecting him to burdensome obligations. The dog pants to "cool" himself, have feel of comfort. As a part of its cooling system, the dog cools its body by cooling the fluids in its mouth by providing a steady stream of air against the tongue. This cools the blood vessels in the dog's head area. Although a dog's body does have sweat glands located on the pads on a dog's feet and ears, the dog's body is cooled off mainly through its tongue.

Please keep these facts in mind about the Sled-Dog and also that all animals prostrate to Allah the Exalted. Therefore, its mention is not for ridicule or diminutive. This incidence is quoted for a purpose. Let us ponder objectively; about the psychology and behaviour of apparently a learned-knowledgeable-religious mentor for whom this parable has been brought to our notice, to recognize and distance ourselves away from him, if such a person exists/existed in our vicinity/area.

In the circumstances, the need for self learning the skill to comprehend the Divine Discourse and live according to it cannot be over emphasized. It will help us to distinguish the truly faithful scholars and exegetes.