the Sovereign - the adjudicating Authority on "The Day of Requital". [1:04]

These three words constitute two successive possessive phrases. Since the last possessive noun is definite, the first two nouns are also definite by construct.

Grand Qur’ān is par excellence in self-referencing. This grammatical unit is mentioned once and what is signified by it is also the solitary event and the solitary day. It is added to the sentence as another adjectival for: Allah - .  We have submitted before our Sustainer Lord and publicly pronounced that we admit that there will be the day when every one will be subjected to accountability and final Requital and divisions will be executed. Our Sustainer Lord: - the Exalted will exclusively be the Adjudicating Authority to finalize the formal judicial process that day. Our mentioning an infallible fact is manifesting intellect and wisdom and spreading fragrance in environment. Subject to accountability and criminally cognizable is only he who has the real-will and freedom of actions.

It is excerpted from the information given later:

  • And He the Exalted is Who created the Skies and the Earth; conditioning them scientifically: infallible governing rules for a determined purpose and time.

  • And remember the day when He the Exalted will order, "You [the end] manifest yourself." Thereby, in compliance it will happen. 


  • The word of Him the Exalted is the manifest reality.

  • The sovereignty and dominion is exclusive for Him the Exalted on the Day when [second] blow will be blown in the trumpet.


  • He is the Knower of the Invisible and the Visible domains, continuously and simultaneously;


  • Know it, He is the Infinitely Just Supreme Administrator of the created realm; absolutely aware of all evident and secreted. [6:73]



  • The Dominion is exclusively for Allah the Exalted on the Day when people are resurrected. He the Exalted will adjudge between them;

  • Whereupon those who accepted - believed and performed moderate righteous deeds:

  • They are escorted to enter in the lush green Gardens - Paradise of Delight. [22:56]

  • Remain mindful, those who refused to accept and vehemently contradicted publicly with regard to Our Aa'ya'at: unitary verbal passages of the Book:



  • Thereby, they are the people, a humiliating  punishment is in wait for them. [22:57]



  • The Day when people would have been resurrected, it will be manifestly evident that the everlasting Dominion and Sovereignty is exclusive for Ar'Reh'maan the Exalted.


  • And that Day was a difficult and heavy day upon the non-believers. [25:26]



  • The Day they will appear in the open;

  • Nothing of any sort hides about them from Allah the Exalted;

  • It will be asked; For whom is the Dominion and Dispensation of Justice this Day?


  • It will be replied: This day it is exclusively for Allah the Exalted,  the Only Absolutely Dominant over all irresistibly. [40:16]


  • Indeed those people who sincerely endeavour for salvation will be enjoying life in the gardens while lakes/streams flowing side by [54:54]

  • In the abode of dignity given by the Absolute Sovereign King. [54:55]


We are since the start of our speech/reading and pronouncing universal thought and perception, not bound in time and space, in one breath reflecting our conviction. After stating that Recourse is the Proper Name:  of Allah the Exalted Who is:  , we are using nominal sentences which grammatically signify "Permanence/Eternality" [دوام] or in philosophical language "Being". Therein, we state the fact that the Praise, in the true and absolute sense of the word, stands specified for Allah the Exalted Who is the Sustainer Lord of the Worlds, and return to His Personal Name and the Trait, which has significance and relationship with Non-Temporal to Temporal realms. We, by reverting, are adding an information that like the beginning of Temporal Realm, on the Day of  Resurrection-Requital, the Sovereign - the Authority is the Same One: Ar'Reh'maan Who is the Fountain of Infinite Mercy. It reflects the clarity of our thought and perception, and the comprehension of entire Temporal Realm. It reflects our intelligent and wise perception that the creation with a determined purpose/objective is always time-bound and its End-Moment of determined duration is predetermined.

: The first definite noun by construct is Active Participle from Root: م ل ك; it also occurs in accusative case once:

We will study about the Day of the Requital since it also finds mention as a separate grammatical unit.


This phrase with different case ending occurs:

 In accusative case occurs three times in (1)26:82(2)56:56(3)82:15=3;

 In  nominative state  for four times in (1)37:20(2)51:12(3)82:17(4)82:18=4.

  Prefixed with preposition this phrase occurs three times in (1)70:26(2)74:46(3)83:11=3

: The Constitution of the physical realm

Progressive number of grammatical units: 185 + 1=186