You the Exalted have showered blessings - bestowed lifetime achievement award

This verbal sentence is the Relative clause (جملة صلة الموصول) for the preceding relative pronoun.  The verb: , with suffixed subject pronoun; referring the addressee Allah the Exalted, is equivalent to: : Allah the Exalted showered blessings upon them.

: This verbal sentence comprises of: Verb: Perfect; Second Person; Masculine; Singular; [Form-IV]; [التاء] Subject Pronoun in nominative state; مصدر اِنْعَامٌ Verbal Noun is referent to Allah the Exalted. It occurs four times when pronoun refers Allah the Exalted in ayahs: (1)01:07(2)27:19(3)28:17(4)46:15=4. It stems from Root: ن ع م

It occurs once in Ayah 33:37, reproduced in the end when the pronoun refers to the elevated Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam]. Thereby, it is a separate grammatical unit.

  • This High Road is the Course which was followed by those upon whom You the Exalted have showered blessings  - bestowed lifetime achievement award.


  • This Course is other than of those upon whom culpability for criminal cognizance/arrest has become incumbent;

  • And it is also not of aberrant: those who dissolutely move out of the bounds and restraints. [01:07]



  • Thereon, having heard, he (Sulie'maan alai'his'slaam) smiled feeling amused by her commanding statement;


  • And he said, "O my Sustainer Lord! Enable me [restraint to feel proud] that I may acknowledge with gratitude Your Favor which You have showered upon me and upon my parents; [Refer 27:19]


  • He (Mūsā alai'his'slaam)prayed, "O my Sustainer Lord, since You have showered grace upon me, therefore, I will never be supporter for the criminals." [28:17]


  • He prayed, "O my Sustainer Lord! Enable me [restraint to feel proud] that I might acknowledge with gratitude the Favor of You the Exalted which You have showered upon me and had showered upon my parents; [Refer 46:15]


The second person pronoun is referent for the elevated Messenger, hence a separate grammatical unit.


Progressive number of grammatical units: = 10,322 + 4= 10,326