the Path of those people ---

: It is a Possessive Phrase. It occurs once. It is equivalent appositive to preceding definite noun: ; termed as: بدل كل من كل .

  • Our Sustainer Lord Ar'Reh'maan! You the Exalted do keep guiding us upon the High road that leads safely and stably to the destination of peace and tranquillity. [01:06]


  • This High Road is the Course which was followed by those upon whom You the Exalted have showered blessings.


  • This Course is other than of those upon whom culpability for criminal cognizance/arrest has become incumbent;

  • And it is also not of aberrant: those who dissolutely move out of the bounds and restraints. [01:07]


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:  [مضاف] definite by construct; accusative

: [مضاف إليه]  Relative pronoun, in genitive state


Progressive number of grammatical units: = 10,321 +1 = 10,322