You the Exalted do keep guiding us

It is a verbal sentence comprising of doubly transitive Verb: imperative/request-prayer; Second Person; Singular; Masculine + Subject pronoun [أَنْتَ] hidden, referent to Allah the Exalted + نَا Suffixed first Object Pronoun; First person; plural, in accusative state. It stems from Root:  ھ د ى. The basic perception infolded in the Root is to direct or guide to the way; or cause to take, or follow a right way or course or direction. A way, course, method, mode, or manner, of acting, or conduct, or proceeding or the like.

Main article on: : guidance, beacon - source guiding to the way.

This verbal sentence occurs twice; second time the Object pronoun has elongation sign because of the following word beginning with voweled Hamza. Since the second person pronoun is for a different addressee and the object pronoun also refers to different people, it is different grammatical unit.

  • Our Sustainer Lord Ar'Reh'maan! You the Exalted do keep guiding us upon the High road that leads safely and stably to the destination of peace and tranquility. [01:06]


Having submitted sincerely and exclusively in absolute allegiance and servitude to the Sustainer Lord Ar'Reh'maan, we reflected that we have complete perception of time-space and of our location on the High road. The Path is for journeying, in progressing and ever changing times, towards the Destination-Place of Rest. We have requested for continued guidance in every moment and steps of our journey on the Path that keeps heading safely and stably to the destination of peace and tranquillity.

Thereat, we mention our perception and understanding about the referred Path that it is the one which is journeyed by those people who were the recipients of showers of mercy and reward; and conversely we define this Path as opposite of the one adopted by those people who are since held guilty for criminal cognizance, and of those who are willfully and neglectfully wandering. They are lost in directionless bewilderment, deliberately being irrational and forgetful that there is always in time and space the "Star"/ The Book to indicate the True Direction.

Hereafter, we will instantly be informed that the Qur’ān is the Guide in time and space for those who remain cautious and wish to avoid unrestrained conduct in reverence and fear of Allah the Exalted. The Grand Qur’ān will respond to our prayer and show us the High road and the psyche and conduct of those who were rewarded. It will depict in plain words the psyche and conduct in their entire history of those who have made their selves liable for criminal cognizance. Moreover, it will introduce and explain about those who are aimlessly wandering in directionless bewilderment.

This verbal sentence is also used in 38:22 with slight difference of addition of prolongation sign on pronoun and the addressee is elevated Messenger Da'wood [alai'his'slaam] who was also the king.

  • And has the news of disputants reached to you when they people at their own climbed on to the private chamber[38:21]

  • When they entered on to Da'wood [alai'his'slaam], thereat, he felt cautiously afraid from them [for obvious reason that many people had broken all the security barriers unto the King's privacy]

  • They said, "Do not feel cautious

  • We are two disputant parties, some of us have done wrong upon others, therefore, you decide the matter between us on principle of equity and justice, and you should do it without favour or fear

  • And you guide us towards the equitable course. [38:22]


Progressive number of grammatical units: = 10,318 +1 = 10,319