We seek assistance

: Verbal sentence; Verb: Transitive; Imperfect; First Person; Plural; Mood: Indicative reflected by ـُ; [Form X]; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر-اِسْتِعَانَةٌ Verbal noun.

This is from Root "ع و ن". The basic perception infolded in the Root is to seek assistance in the desire of striking balance and equation to gain firmness and stability; a state which neither suffers from the "heat" of the youth nor weakness of aging. It is in between the two quite stable and tranquil state of sobriety.

Form-X verbs are Causative to do for the Self. These verbs usually carry the meaning of seeking or aspire for the meanings of its Form-I; sought to be done by the Object.

In almost all the English translations the words stemming from Root "ع و ن" and Root: ن ص ر are translated by word "help, aid, succor". Since Root: ن ص رis not used we should avoid translating it by "help". While word "help" is most generic term and can refer to any sort of support, "to assist" is an help for something that someone could do themselves but because of the assistance is able to do that thing more efficiently, profitably, effectively, etc. Seeking support is to back up us in every step of the way. We can grow by receiving support and this growth should be part of the goal. We live in environment where there are enemies, Satan and satanic people, who can create hindrances in our personality growth. Therefore, we request the Almighty to persistently render the environment that supports and assists us in the process of elevating ourselves to achieve the goal.

This verbal sentence occurs once.
  • [Our Sustainer Lord Ar'Reh'maan] You the Exalted are the One and Only Whom we presently and henceforth solely and exclusively owe and demonstrate allegiance and servitude.


  • Moreover, You the Exalted are exclusively the One we keep looking for rendering the environment supportive and assisting to elevate ourselves. [01:05]



Assistance in the desire of seeking tranquillity and stability is sought from Allah - Ar'Reh'maan the Exalted Who is: :
  • And they produced his shirt having stains of artificial blood upon it.

  • He said: "No, that is not the truth, in fact your inner-selves have instigated the matter for you.

  • Thereat, the hopefulness-steadfastness lies in dignified perseverance;

  • And Allah the Exalted is the Resort - Recourse for what you people are conjecturing." [12:18]


  • He prayed, "O my Sustainer Lord! You the Exalted do judge on the basis of absolute fact";


  • And he said to people, "Our Sustainer Lord is Ar'Reh'maan the Exalted Who is the Resort - Recourse for what you people are conjecturing."  [21:112]



Progressive number of grammatical units: = 10,317  + 1= 10,318