Active participle: Indefinite; Masculine; plural; nominative; [Form-IV]                                                     

     اسم فاعل- مرفوع-جمع مذكر سالم-مذکر/باب افعال

It stems from Root: ص ل ح. It leads to the perception which is contra. of (Root: ف س د ) corrupting, degeneration, decay and decomposition, imperfection. It thus signifies a state of dynamic balance and equilibrium resulting in tranquillity, stability, beauty and feel of quiet and comfort. It also denotes reconciliation to end the conflict. Also to remove any shortcoming/disability.

Recurrence:  (1)2:11(2)11:117=2 

  • Know further about them, when it was said to them:

  •  "You people should not purposely cause disorder - imbalance - distortions - spread wicked and unsound conjectural ideas in the society"


  • They replied, claiming: "We are only - really the perfectionists". [2:11]

  • Take note, your Sustainer Lord is never such that He the Exalted might annihilate certain locality/habitat unjustly while her inhabitants are maintaining righteousness/balanced conduct/ perfection. [11:117]