Prepositional Phrase + Possessive Phrase

in their hearts

It is a prepositional phrase coupled with Possessive Phrase relating to elided predicate of inverted nominal sentence.

First occurrence:

  • Irrational beliefs - a disease - psychological disorder - envy, jealousy, and malice, bias, rancour is self implanted- nurtured within their hearts- locus of understanding - consciousness;


  • Thereby, it being their wilful act, Allah the Exalted has let them overwhelm, with regard to their respective disease [by leaving them as condemned- discarded].


  • Beware; a severe punishment is in wait- prepared for them;

  • This upshot is because they kept publicly lying by deceptive proclamations of belief. [2:10]


: Recurrence: (1)2:10(2)5:52(3)9:125(4)22:53(5)33:12(6)33:60(7)47:20(8)74:31=8  slightly different  (1) 8:49(2)24:50=2


Recurrence: (1)2:10(2)2:93(3)3:7(4)3:156(5)3:167(6)4:63(7)5:52(8)8:49(9)9:64(10)9:77(11)9:110(12)9:125(13)33:12(14)33:26(15)33:60(16)47:20(17)47:29(18)48:11(19)48:18(20)48:26(21)58:22(22)59:02(23)74:31=23

With interrogative: 24:50