Resembling (المشبهة بـ"ليس" ):Deficient verb

First occurrence:

  • Be aware of such persons affiliated with the subset of people (in those days Jews) who proclaim;

  • "We have accepted the belief in Allah the Exalted and regards the Last Day.";

  • But the position is that in truth and entailment they are certainly not the believers. [2:08]

This is called "The one that Resembles  "ليس"  When it enters upon a nominal sentence it leaves the subject of the sentence nominative and renders the predicate accusative. The accusative predicate can be used as a clue to determine that it is this . If the predicate is a single word or a short phrase, an extra بِ comes before it in order to emphasize the negation, as is the case in this sentence. Next occurrence [2:74] 

Visual Recognition: Predicate is prepositional phrase with Ba




As Relative Pronoun

As Negation Particle


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