in the Last Day

:Preposition Phrase + Adjectival Phrase

Prepositional Phrase: بـِ Inseparable preposition + Noun: Definite;  Singular; Masculine; Genitive. (1)2:08(2)4:38(3)9:29=3

Noun: Definite; Singular; Masculine; Genitive.  (1)2:08(2)2:62(3)2:126(4)2:177(5) 2:228(6)2:232(7)2:264(8)3:114(9)4:38(10)4:39(11)4:59(12)4:136(13)4:162(14)5:69 (15)9:18 (16)9:19(17)9:29(18)9:44(19)9:45(20)9:99(21)24:02(22)58:22(23)65:02=23

 Recurrence:  (1)2:08(2)4:38(3)9:29=3

  • Be aware of such persons affiliated with the subset of people (in those days Jews) who proclaim;

  • "We have accepted the belief in Allah the Exalted and regards the Last Day.";

  • But the position is that in truth and entailment they are certainly not the believers. [2:08]

Progressive number of grammatical units: =   + 3