veil - blinder

Solitary occurrence:

  • Allah the Exalted has sealed the wraps upon their hearts-intellectual consciousness and upon their faculty of listening - acoustic faculty.


  • Know it, a veil extends upon their faculties of observation - optical faculty.

  • Be mindful, a grave torment is in waitprepared for them [on the Day of Resurrection]. [2:07]

Syntactic analysis and explanation of Ayah

Verbal Noun/Noun مصدرمرفوع: Indefinite; Nominative; . (1)2:07=1 It is the delayed subject (مبتدأ مؤخر) of inverted nominal sentence. It stems from Root: غ ش و. Classical Lexicons state that it denotes (الغِشاءُ: الغِطاءُ) covering, casing, capping an object rendering it obscured to sight.

This inverted nominal sentence begins with [wāw] the Recommencing particle. It is a  discourse coordinator that signals the speaker's identification of an upcoming unit which is coordinate in structure to prior unit. It serves as cohesive tie in the discourse. The optical faculty is the source for the people to experience awe by the awe-inducing nature scenes all around them reflecting the Divine providence and Will evidently. It is positive feeling of being in the presence of something vast that transcends our understanding of the world. But the people having veils on their optical faculty seldom experience awe:

Thus those who have disavowed the First Cause - the Originator - the Creator Allah the Exalted, are the subject of Ayah that it little matters whether they are warned or not warned of consequences, they will believe not in Grand Qur’ān. Grand Qur’ān is primarily for those who have the minimum level of rationalitythe basic instinct of mind shared by humanity that says everything needs an explanation why it is. This is the minimum, basic, primary qualification and level of rationality that must be present to render the cautioning, alarming, admonition effective.

A man who notices not what is in the range of his view is like as if walls are erected before and behind him:

  • And Our Majesty have rendered their stubbornness as a barrier in their front and barrier on their back

  • Whereby We have enshrouded them [in a limited place]

  • Thereby, they thenceforth observe not. [36:09]

  • Take note, it is same in effect upon them whether you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] have cautioned them of potential consequences or have not so far cautioned themthey believe not.. [36:10]

The information and depiction of a class of people is in the real life. Their psyche, attitude and responses are volitional acts. They are not the people who were imprisoned from childhood like those portrayed in the famous "Allegory of Cave" by Socrates. These stubborn are the prisoners of their inner self, vested interests, lusts, pride and wish to see their own reflection purposely ignoring the awe-inspiring illuminant signs all around. Like the prisoners of the "Allegory of Cave"; for whom the shadows constitute the reality because they have never seen anything else; they do not realize that what they see are shadows of objects in front of a fire, much less that these objects are inspired by real living things outside the cave, the people mentioned in Ayah 2:5-7 and 36:7-10 deliberately observe not in open light and remain engulfed in the darkness of their inner self..                                 

Verbal Noun: Indefinite; accusative; object of verb.. (1)45:23=1 

Progressive number of grammatical units: =   + 1