by contrary to fact/ without permissible justification/cause

: Prepositional Phrase coupled with Possessive Phrase:   بـِ Inseparable preposition; ألملابسة أو ألحال for association or circumstance+ Noun: definite by construct Singular; masculine; genitive + Noun: definite; singular; masculine; genitive;

Root: غ ى ر and ح ق ق

Recurrence: (1)2:61(2)7:33(3)7:146(4)10:23(5)28:39(6)40:75(7)41:15(8)42:42(9)46:20=9 

  • Keep tracing the past; when you people said: "O Mūsā, we might no more tolerate one kind of meal

  • اور (اے بنی اسرئیل یاد کرو) جب تم لوگوں نے کہا تھا”اے موسیٰ(علیہ السلام)! ہم سے ایک ہی طرح کے طعام پر صبرنہیں ہوتا۔

  • Therefore, beseech your Sustainer Lord for us that He should cause-arrange for us that which the Earth grows

  •  اِس لئے اپنے رب سے ہمارے لئے دعا کریں کہ ہمارے لئے وہ مہیا کرے جسے زمین اگاتی ہے

  •  Its vegetable-herbs, and its cucumbers, and its grains, and its lentils, and its onions."
  • اُس کی سبزیاں / ساگ، کھیرے ککڑی، اُس کا اناج/ گیہوں، اُس کی مسور، اُس کی پیازمیں سے“۔

Root: ق ث ء; ع د س; ب ص ل

  • He (Mūsā alahissalam) said; "Are you people seeking replacement which is inferior in place of that which is better one?

  • انہوں (موسیٰ علیہ السلام)نے کہا”کیا تم اُس طعام کو جوزیادہ بہتر ہے اُس شئے سے بدلنا چاہتے ہو جونسبتاً ادنیٰ ہے؟

Root: ب د ل; د ن و

  • [Okay] Go you down to a city, whereby there is certainly for you that which you have asked".

  • پہاڑی علاقے سے)نیچے /پستی کی جانب بستی میں اترو تو پھر تمہیں یقینا وہ سب ملے گا جس کا تم سوا ل کر رہے ہو“۔)

Root: م ص ر; ھ ب ط; س ء ل

  • Beware, dependence - subjugation - remaining under-patronage and disdain - contemptibility is struck upon them as distinguished feature.

  • جان لو ان کے متعلق یہ حقیقت۔ اُن پر زیر سرپرستی رہنے،دوسروں پر انحصار کرنے اور سکونت کی محتاجی مسلط کر دی گئی ہے۔

Root: ذ ل ل; ض ر ب; س ك ن

  • And they have made their selves liable to criminal cognizance - arrest by decree of Allah the Exalted.

  • اورانہوں نے اپنے آپ کومجرمانہ جانکاری کے مستحق بنا لیا ہے ا للہ تعالیٰ کی جانب سے گرفت میں لئے جانے کے۔

Root: ب و ء; غ ض ب

  • This eventuality is because they persistently refused to accept the Aa'ya'at: Verbal passages of the Book of Allah the Exalted

  • یہ فیصلہ اِس لئے ہوا کہ انہوں نے اللہ تعالیٰ کی آیتوں سے انکار کو اپنی سرشت بنائے رکھا۔

Root: ك ف ر

  • And this eventuality is because they kept indulging in character assassination of: the Chosen and elevated Allegiants of Allah the Exalted by contrary to fact slanderous and libellous statements to distance them from people's reverence

  • اور اس بناء پر کہ وہ حقیقت کے منافی باتوں سے نبیوں کی کردار کشی،تحقیر و توہین کرتے اور انہیں زچ کرتے تھے۔

Root: ق ت ل; ن ب و

  • This attitude was because they did not accept the Word and purposely kept transgressing and going beyond prescribed limits. [2:61]

  • آپ جان لیں،یہ اس وجہ سے کرتے تھے کہ انہوں نے اُن(نبیوں) کی بات کوماننے سے انکار کر دیا تھا
    اور دوری اختیار کرتے/حد سے نکل جانے کی روش کو انہوں نے اپنائے رکھا۔

  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce: "The fact is that my Sustainer Lord has only prohibited: illicit sexual activities including that which was exposed and that which remained unexposed

Grand Qur’ān teaches the subject of Human Sexuality

  • And dilapidating sinful acts, and excesses without permissible justification/cause

  • And has prohibited that you (people) might associate and ascribe that to Allah the Exalted for which He has not sent any confirmation and authority.

  • And that you might tell others something attributing to Allah the Exalted about which you  personally have no authentic knowledge (verified whether it is written in Qur’ān or is established by tangible evidence). [7:33]

  • اور یہ کہ  اللہ تعالیٰ سے منسوب کر کے تم لوگوں سے وہ باتیں کہو جن کے متعلق تم کتاب اور آثار علم سے معلومات نہیں رکھتے‘‘۔

  • I will let those turn away from My Aa'ya'at: Verbal passages of the Book who become puffed with grandeur in the Earth, they behave so by taking support of conjectural myths void of reality.

Root: ص ر ف

  • And even if they see every unprecedented sign they would not accept and believe in it.

  • And if they see the dextral/righteous High road they would purposely not adopt it as course.

Root: ر ش د

  • And if they see the path/conduct of aberrance/deviousness/rambling they purposely adopt it as course

  • This upshot of theirs is because they persistently contradicted Aa'ya'at: Verbal passages of the Book and evident signs of Our Majesty

  • And because they remained indifferent and unmindful of them. [7:146]

  • Acceding their prayer as soon Our Majesty saved and rescued them, they again indulge in excesses in the Earth void of justification and rightful cause.

  • O you the Mankind! indeed your excesses only effect upon your selves

  • All that you gain by excesses is merely the transitory sojourn material of the worldly life.

  • Afterwards your escorting to subject you to justice will be towards Our Majesty

  • Thereat, Our Majesty will inform-charge sheet you about the activities you were in. [10:23]

  • And he (Fir'aoun/Pharaoh) remained puffed with pride of grandeur seeking aggrandisement in the country, both he and his troops, on grounds contrary to rightful rhyme and reason

  • And they thought that they will not be returned to Our Majesty for accountability. [28:39]

  • "This [eventuality of landing into Hell-prison] is because you people kept boisterously rejoicing in the Earth without any justifiable cause and fact

  • And for that which you people kept behaving insolently. [about the Book of Allah] [40:75]

  • And as for A'ad are concerned,  they for reason made their selves obsessed-puffed with pride of grandeur and superiority in the World, without justifiable cause and reason.

  • And they boasted, "Who is stronger than us in power and might?"

  • Why could they not see-given a thought before uttering it that Allah the Exalted, Who had created them, is far more powerful than them in strength and might.

  • Moreover, they deliberately kept refuting publicly acknowledging Our Verbal communications sent through the Messengers. [41:15]

  • Indeed the indictment is upon those who do injustice and oppress the people

  • And they indulge in excesses in the Earth void of justification and rightful cause.

  • They are the people a severe punishment is prepared - in wait for them [on Day of Requital]. [42:42]

  • And the Day when those who refused to accept (Messenger-Divine Discourse) would be presented to the Hell-Prison

  • It will be pronounced, "you people exhausted your good things in your life in the lowly world and in that you people absorbed yourselves in enjoyment

  • In consequence today you people will be requited with humiliating chastisement for the reason you showed arrogance [against Aa'ya'at of Allah] without reason and rhyme in the Earth/worldly life[Similar information in 6:93]

  • And for the reason that you people kept transgressing and digressing. [46:20]