Verb: Perfect; Third Person; Singular; Masculine; active; Verbal Noun مصدر خَتْمٌ

Allah the Exalted has put epilogue-seal

First occurrence:


  • Allah the Exalted has sealed the wraps upon their hearts-intellectual consciousness and upon their faculty of listening - acoustic faculty.


  • And note, a veil extends upon their faculties of observation - optical faculty.

  • Be mindful, a grave torment is in waitprepared for them [on the Day of Resurrection]. [2:07]

Syntactic analysis and explanation of Ayah

When the subject of past tense verb is not explicitly mentioned after it, the subject pronoun is considered hidden and refers to antecedent.

: Its Root is: خ ت م . Famous lexicographer Ibn Faris [died-1005] described the basic perception of the Root as crossing over to the tail end of a thing. It means to conclude, end, close or finish a performance. It denotes sealing an object after accomplishment of job at the point of entry and exit in such manner that thereafter nothing can enter therein or spill over.

Lane's Lexicon says that it means to reach the end of a thing, and it is contra of inauguration; sealing, putting an impression or signet upon a thing in consideration of protection.

Grand Qur’ān itself is the Superb Lexicon since it exposes the meanings of its important words by using it in different semantic fields whereby one can perceive all its dimensions relating to substance as well accident including metaphorical aspect.

This is the scene of a group of people in wait for escort to the Paradise on the Day of Judgment. They are served exquisitely matured wine. As is the Active Participle: ; word: a Passive Participle is also from  خَتْمٌ-خِتَامٌ Verbal Noun; خَتَمَ-يَخْتَمُ Verb of Root  "خ ت م".  Let us not be lost in the aroma of this super wine; it is a long journey to get it; but move on with our study. Verbal Noun of these Participles also finds mention . A verbal noun denotes an action or a state. Sealed bottle of wine prevents its leakage, spill over holding it securely in the bottle.

How simple and straight forward is the perception conveyed by Root "خ ت م", please see it:

: First Person; Plural; Masculine Verb in indicative mood from Root "خ ت م". Their mouths will be sealed-gagged which will prevent them from speaking or crying out. This effect of sealing is that they will not be able to articulate an expression; whereby their hands will verbally orate that which they people kept doing in worldly life.

The prepositional phrase coupled with possessive phrases: "upon the hearts of them" and: "upon their faculty of listening" relate to the Verb. It signifies that the effect of the act denoted by verb is upon their hearts and faculty of listening. And ultimate result is that a grave torment is in wait for them. This is their epilogue, the detail of outcome-inevitable consequence of what they did and earned in life. This is the concluding remark of Allah the Exalted that He has put the epilogue upon their hearts which symbolizes with sealing their self made wraps upon their hearts. The point in time for sealing an object is when it has since been wrapped in some covering, envelop. It is explained again in more simple terms:
  • Moreover, they said [to the Messengers whom they irritated]; "Our hearts are wrapped with coverings".

  • No, the fact is that Allah the Exalted has discarded them as condemned and cursed because of their persistent disavowal.

  • Thereby and thenceforth, what they believe is inadequate belief. [2:88]

: It is a plural noun and signifies wraps, envelops, coverings for things. The epilogue-sealing of hearts is reflective of an act and state of crossing over the ultimate end-finished-accomplished stage, which is the basic perception infolded in Root "خ ت م". People said that their hearts are wrapped in coverings which reflects a stage immediately prior to sealing an object signified by verb: . Their statement was contradicted by disclosing that their wrapped state has crossed over to the extreme stage of sealing. This is described by: "Allah the Exalted has discarded them as condemned and cursed". This is crossing the extreme end, and point of no return in any association. And the cause of this permanent condemnation is: because of their act and persistence in refusal to accept. Grand Qur’ān also uses rotational technique to highlight meaning and perception of concepts by using synonymous words about the same subject with different sentence structures:
  • Thereby, subsequent to their deliberate breach of the solemn pledge-covenant of them;

  • And their deliberate denial of the Aa'ya'at: unprecedented displays and verbal passages of Allah the Exalted;

  • And for their continued effort in character assassination of  the Chosen and exalted Allegiants of Allah the Exalted by contrary to fact slanderous and libelous statements to distance-ill-repute them from people's reverence;

  • And because of their saying: "Our hearts are wrapped with coverings".

  • No, things have gone beyond this; the fact of the matter is that Allah the Exalted has impressed the epilogue-sealed the wraps upon the hearts-intellectual consciousness. This is for reason of their act and persistence in refusal to accept.



  • Thereby, barring a few amongst Jews they do not accept/believe. [4:155]


and: is described by: "Allah the Exalted has impressed the epilogue". And here too the location is "hearts"-signifying intellectual consciousness. Its reason is the same as was given earlier: : because of their act and persistence in refusal to accept. Once the act signified by: and: is done in relation to an object, all chances and doors stand closed for entrance as well as spill over. The hearts subjected to an act: and: are like as if they are entities locked whereby nothing can enter therein.

Root of: is "ط ب ع". Its perception and meanings are, "sealing, stamping, imprinting, or impressing; impressing a thing with the engraving of the stamp; to brand or mark". Lane's Lexicon further quotes, "accord to Aboo-Is-hák the Grammarian, طَبْعٌ and خَتْمٌ both signify the covering over a thing, and securing oneself from a thing's entering it."

  • [why do they behave as such] Is it for reason that they have purposely not made it their habit to cross-examine the Qur’ān critically pursuing coherently - contiguously its miscellany: Unitary Verbal Passages?



  • Or is it the reason that the locks of hearts have become blockade upon their hearts?  [47:24]

Sealing, closing, wrapping, impressing the epilogue on hearts of people who deny and persist to remain in state of non-belief is finally portrayed in this Ayah:

I hope the perception and meanings infolded in Root: "خ ت م" have conspicuously surfaced.

The most important phrase of this Root is: :The Authenticating Accomplisher of those who are declared Chosen, Dignified and Exalted Sincere Allegiants of Allah the Exalted.

Recurrence with hidden subject pronoun referent to Allah the Exalted: (1)6:46(2)45:23=3

Progressive number of grammatical units: =   + 3