from the sustenance provided by Allah the Exalted

: Prepositional Phrase coupled with Possessive Phrase: Separable Preposition meaning a sub-set of a set; object Noun: definite by construct; singular; masculine; genitive + Proper Name; singular; masculine; Genitive.

Root: ر ز ق

Solitary occurrence: (1)2:60=1

  • Know the history; When Mūsā [alai'his'slaam acceding their request] prayed seeking provision of water for his nation.

  • Responding his prayer Our Majesty told him; "You strike dislodging the particular stone with the help of your Staff."

  • Sequel to his displacing the particular stone, twelve water-flows self emerged there from gushing as springs.

  • Each of the nation's (twelve) groups thereby got known its own place for water.

  • Our Majesty conveyed them; "You people eat and drink from the sustenance provided by Allah the Exalted

  • And you should not, like mischief-doers, create intellectual distortions-conjectural myths-disquiet in the society".   [2:60]