became aware, got known

Verbal sentence: Verb: Perfect; Third person; singular; masculine; مصدر-عِلْمٌ Verbal noun.

     فعل ماضٍ مبني على الفتح /صيغة-واحد  مذكر غائب

When subject is not explicitly mentioned it is:

Verb: Perfect; Third person; singular; masculine; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر-عِلْمٌ Verbal noun.

  فعل ماضٍ مبني على الفتح /الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:هُوَ-واحد مذكرغائب

It is Transitive needing one object.

Root: ع ل م

Recurrence: (1) 2.60(2)2:187(3)2:235(4)7:160(5)8:23(6)8:66(7)24:41(8)45:09(9)73:20(10)73:20=10 

  • Know the history; When Mūsā [alai'his'slaam acceding their request] prayed seeking provision of water for his nation.

  • Responding his prayer Our Majesty told him; "You strike dislodging the particular stone with the help of your Staff."

  • Sequel to his displacing the particular stone, twelve water-flows self emerged there from gushing as springs.

  • Each of the nation's twelve group thereby got known its own place for water.

  • Our Majesty conveyed them; "You people eat and drink from the sustenance provided by Allah the Exalted

  • And you should not, like mischief-doers create intellectual distortions-conjectural myths-disquiet in the society".   [2:60]


  • Sexually inciting preliminary activities directed towards your wives were permissible during the night of the Fasting for you people.

  • They (respective) wives are apparel for you people and you are apparel for them.

  • Allah the Exalted has known-observed that by self imposed restriction you people diligently kept lessening-suppressing the rights of your own selves. Thereby, He the Exalted has paid attention upon you to move you out of self imposed restrictions, and has since removed erroneous perception away from you.

  • Therefore, after this clarification henceforth undertake mutual-consented intercourse with them in the nights of fasting and you people seek its result [not son or daughter but] that which Allah the Exalted has written for you people.

  • And you people eat and drink during the night till the horizontal white line renders itself for you people distinguishable emerging from unfolding of the day - daybreakdelineated from the horizontal line-layer of black-obscure colour;

  • Thereafter, you are directed to complete the fast spatiotemporally towards the setting in of night -Sun set: beginning of a new lunar day.

  • Take note; you people should not establish intimate mutually consented matrimonial contact-intercourse on visiting them (respective wives) during the currency of the period you are devotee in reclusion inside the Mosques.

  • These—afore stated are the limits-restraints-demarcations prescribed by Allah the Exalted; Therefore, you people should not approach their boundaries [overstep/transgress-2:229].

  • This is how Allah the Exalted explicitly explicates His Aa'ya'at: Verbal  Passages of Qur’ān rendering each point-concept-situation distinctly isolated and crystal clear for the people

  • So that they might endeavour to protect their selves. [2:187]


  • Be aware that there is nothing wrong and blemish worthy upon you in that overture of your subtly indicating interest to the Wives of deceased-alienated husbands; or you kept it secret to your selves.

  • Allah the Exalted knew that you will eventually express to them.

  • But you should not alluringly lead them to mutual promise except that you may say to them a normally acceptable statement in plain words of evident import

  • And that you people should not make a firm resolve for the Matrimonial Bondage with them until such time the Prescribed Obligatory Period crosses its terminating moment.

  • Remain aware, Allah the Exalted fully knows that which you retain to your selves-secreted in hearts

  • Therefore, always remain mindfully cautious of Him the Exalted to adhere to injunctions given.

  • Moreover, remain cognizant that Allah the Exalted is eternally imperturbably over looking-forgiver [of unintentional faults-wrong doings]. [2:235]


  • Know their past, Our Majesty had fragmented them into twelve generations/tribes with different parental root.

  • And We verbally conveyed to Mūsā [alai'his'slaam] when his nation inclined him to pray for water:  "Strike displacing specific stone with the help of your Staff."

  • Sequel to his displacing the particular stone, twelve water-flows self emerged there from gushing as springs.

  • Each of the nation's twelve groups thereby got known its own place for water.

  • And Our Majesty had caused a Parasol, covering shade upon them with Sky covering Clouds [Stratocumulus]

  •  Moreover, Our Majesty had sent fully prepared meal "Munna and Sal'wa" upon them.

  • We conveyed them; "You people eat the permissible-liquefiable and respectively beneficial and nutrient which Our Majesty have given to you as sustenance"

  • Realize that they did not harm Our Majesty; the fact is they rather kept harming their selves. [7:160]


  • Know it; Had Allah the Exalted known presence of any good and rationality in them, He the Exalted would have certainly enabled them to have comprehensibly listened.

  • And if otherwise He the Exalted had made them listen, certainly they would have turned away reflecting that they people refrain and are purposely avoiding. [8:23]


  • Now, henceforth Allah the Exalted has lightened your obligation, and has exposed that there are of course weak people amongst you unable to fight against ten

  • Therefore, if there were a hundred coolly perseverant men of determination amongst you they should overpower and dominate two hundred enemy strength

  • And if there were a thousand such men amongst you they should overpower and dominate upon upon two thousand men, with Allah's approval.

  • Remain confidant, Allah the Exalted is certainly with those who show fortitude. [8:66]


  • Have you not seen-given a thought that Allah the Exalted is the focus of all effort and repetitive praises for whoever exists in the Skies and on-in the Earth [willingly and in coercive circumstances]

  • And the birds in rows with wings outstretched

  • Each one has since learnt his Sa'laat: Time bound Protocol of Servitude and Allegiance and his repetitive glorification praises.

  • Take note; Allah the Exalted is eternally aware of what innovative acts they perform.  [24:41]


  • And when he came to know an information anew from Our Aa'ya'at: Verbal Passages of Qur’ān he deliberately took them (passages) jestingly.

  • Such are the people: humiliating punishment is prepared and is in wait for them. [45:09]


  • Certainly your Sustainer Lord knows that you the Messenger stand sometimes two thirds of the night and half the night and one third of the night

  • And those of the party who accompanied you.

  • And Allah the Exalted proportions the measure of the Night and the Day.

  • He the Exalted already knew [and intended to expose for you] that you people will not be able to keep track of measure of prescribed time {while deeply concentrating on recitation of Qur’ān}. Therefore, the intended point having been proved, Allah the Exalted has turned to you.

  • Thereby, you people read that much part of Qur’ān which is felt effectively convenient [ for retaining your concentration/focus-the basic manner of reading a book].

  • He the Exalted already knew that there would certainly be among you people in ill-health

  • And others quite frequently travel through the land, in pursuit of the bounty of Allah the Exalted

  • Yet others will be engaged in confronting war/fighting in Allah's Cause.

  • Therefore, you people read that much part of it [Grand Qur’ān] which is felt convenient [for retaining your concentration/focus-the basic manner of reading a book]

  • Moreover, you people maintain Institution of As-sa'laat: Time Bound Protocol of Servitude and allegiance

  • And you people willingly pay Az-zaka'at: financial liability for economic uplift of society

  • And you people heartily gift to Allah the Exalted a goodwill shearing from your wealth: financially help people only for seeking approval and appreciation of Him the Exalted.

  • Be aware; whatever good should you send ahead for yourselves [for life in the Hereafter], you will find it secure with Allah the Exalted.

  • You would find it most substantive and magnified, by way of returns/reward.

  • And incline yourselves to self accountability to seek bucketing-protection-forgiveness of Allah the Exalted for lapses/omissions.

  • It is a fact that Allah the Exalted is repeatedly Forgiving-Overlooking-the fountain of Mercy. [73:20]