upon those (plural number of) people who---

: Prepositional Phrase: Separable Preposition (حرف جر) + Relative Pronoun; Plural; masculine, genitive case.

Recurrence: (1)2:59(2)2:89(3)2:143(4)2:181(5)2:183(6)2:184(7)2:286(8)3:72(9)5:93(10)6:69(11)6:125(12)6:146(13)9:91(14)9:92(15)9:93(16)10:33(17)10:100(18)16:99(19)16:100(20)16:118(21)16:124(22)28:5(23)40:6(24)42:42=24

  • Consequently while entering, those amongst them who transgressed, substituted the utterance-word with an utterance-word other than that which was told to them.

  • Thereby, Our Majesty caused to befall; upon those of them who were transgressors, disquieting punishment from the Sky

  • They met this punishment because they kept transgressing the prescribed bounds. [2:59]