Coordinating conjunction -Appositive Particle

First occurrence:

  • General information about those who have disavowed the Creator

  • It is same in effect upon them whether you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] have cautioned them of potential consequences or have not yet cautioned them



  • They believe not. [for reasons hereinafter given]. [2:06]

It is a particle of apposition which links that which follows it with that which comes before it. It is of two types:

(1) Conjunctive particle [مُتَّصِلَةٌ]It denotes equality between the two linked sentences due to the presence of Equalizing Hamza. It is situation between two sentences, verbal or nominal, or a combination of both. Here in this ayah it is of this type. Another example with combination of verbal and nominal sentence:

(2) Disjunctive [مُنْقَطِعَةٌ], It is considered disjunctive when it is found in the meaning of Retraction particle or when followed by interrogative particle: which seeks only to affirm that attribution in the expression is true or not.

Retraction particle: is used in argumentative contexts in which ideas are subtly compared and set in contrast. One of its function is to negate or reject what precedes and confirming what follows "not that but this", "on the contrary".

When it is followed by a word beginning with consonant ب and م it will be without "Jazem-" and when followed by ساكن/أل consonant it will be having vowel sign [ـِ] to break اجتماع الساكنين the cluster of vowel-less consonants.


Appositive Particle/Disjunctive or Conjunctive. (1)2:06(2)2:80(3)2:108(4)2:133(5)2:140(6)2:214(7)3:142(8)4:53(9)4:54(9)6:144(10)7:193(11)7:195 (12)7:195(13)7:195(14)9:16(15)10:38(16)10:59(17)11:13(18)11:35(19)13:16(20)13:16(21)13:33(22)14:21(23)16:59(24)17:69(25)18:09(26)20:86(27)21:43(28)21:55(29)23:68(30)23:69(31)23:70(32)23:72(33)24:50(34)25:15(35)25:17(36)25:44(37)26:136(38)27:20(39)27:27(40)27:40(41)27:41(42)29:04(43)30:35(44)32:03(45)35:40(46)35:40(47)36:10(48)37:62(49)37:150(50)37:156(51)38:09(52)38:10(53)38:28(54)38:28(55)38:63(56)38:75(57)42:21(58)42:24(59)43:21(60)43:52(61)43:58(62)43:79(63)43:80(64)44:37(65)45:21(66)46:04(67)46:08(68)47:24(69)47:29(70)52:15(71)52:30(72)52:32(73)52:32(74)52:33(75)52:35(76)52:35(77)52:36(78)52:37(79)52:37(80)52:38(81)52:39(82)52:40(83)52:41(84)52:42(85)52:43(86)53:24(87)53:36(88)54:43(89)54:44(90)56:59(91)56:64(92)56:69(93)56:72(94)63:06(95)67:17(96)68:37(97)68:39(98)68:41(99)68:46(100)68:47(102)72:10(103)72:25=103

=  Appositive Particle/Disjunctive or Conjunctive. +Vowel sign (ـِ kasra)  is added for reason اجتماع الساكنين of cluster of two vowel-less consonants. (1)2:140(2)6:143(3)6:144(4)12:39(5)19:78(6)21:21(7)21:24(8)24:50(9)39:43(10)42:09(11)43:16(12)79:27=12

Appositive Particle/Disjunctive or Conjunctive (1)4:109(2)9:109(3)13:33(4)21:109(5)34:08(6)37:11(7)41:40=7 

Appositive Particle/Disjunctive or Conjunctive (1)10:31(2)10:35(3)27:61(4)27:62(5)27:63(6)27:64(7)67:22=7

Appositive Particle/Disjunctive or Conjunctive (1)27:60(2)39:09(3)67:20(4)67:21=4   


= Conjunctive particle  +  Interrogative Noun. + Demonstrative Pronoun. (1)27:84=1                              حرف عطف للتسوية/مُتَّصِلَةٌ + مَاسم الاستفهامية + اسم إشارة


Progressive number of grammatical units: =   + 122