Adverb of time;   ظرف زمان مبني على السكون

Point in time-when. And structurally functioning as: the first part of a construct [الإضافة] of which the second part is either a nominal clause or a verbal one. As an adverb, it complements a verbal element.

However, it serves as a device for drawing maximum attention to what follows and: quite frequently initiates sentences, with no such element explicitly preceding it. The device is particularly used in the Grand Qur’ān as a means of connecting parts of a subject-episode spread over a long discourse, thereby sustaining the attention and keeping the long discourse together.

This adverb also partitions the text into contiguous, non-overlapping subtopic segments. Subtopic discussions occur within the scope of one or more overarching main topics, which span the length of the text.

Topic shift: That is between two contiguous pieces of discourse which are intuitively considered to have two different "topics", there should be a point at which the shift from one topic to the next is marked.

[When speaker moves from focus to focus [or thought to thought] there are certain points at which there may be a more or less radical change in space, time, character configuration, even structure, --- At points where all of these change in a maximal way, an episode boundary is strongly present  Chafe 1979]

The following sentence is considered as construct in genitive state like Possessive Phrase - الجملة في محل جر بالإضافة.

This time adverb initiates a Narrative-Factual Recount.

The Divine Discourse concatenates facts in perfect sequence and chronological order. This is the First Narrative - Episode - real life event when a decision was taken about the future of Man in the very early period of his existence in the extraterrestrial land.

The major chunk of the text of Grand Qur’ān comprises of narrative.

Narrative-Factual Recount: Narrative texts have to do with real-world events and time. The purposes of narrative may be to informcorrect misconceptions and distortions of history, to persuade and to change attitudes/social opinions. Narrative writing uses time as its deep structure. The main structural components of a narrative are the orientation, the complication and the resolution. Language features of narrative text:

The main structural components of a narrative are the orientation, the complication and the resolution, and may include a concluding statement or comment in order to sum up the message.

In fiction, structure of drama or narrative is usually divided into five parts, or acts which is referred by some as dramatic arc: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and dénouement; resolution, revelation or catastrophe.

Man is inveterate story teller and story listener. Man is interested in knowing his origin. The gossip mongers taking advantage of human desire fabricate imaginative stories and hypothesis without factual premises to fascinate people for their advantage. Grand Qur’ān is Enlightenment. It is therefore obvious that it could not miss prioritizing for the elevated Messenger to enlighten the humanity about their origin. Firstly, they are informed in what state they were descended to the Earth in an honourable manner and with full liberty to enjoy real freewill: . It was not a "catastrophe", not a punishment of sin. It was a new "exposition" - beginning. However, pseudo-intellectuals continue gossiping to the extent of some fools who even guess "birthday" of First man fascinating and befooling people.

Recurrence:  (1)2:30(2)2:34(3)2:49(4)2:50(5)2:51(6)2:53(7)2:54(8)2:55(9)2:58(10)2:61(11)2:63(12)2:67(13)2:72(14)2:83(15)2:84(16)2:93(17)2:125(18)2:126(19)2:127(20)2:131(21)2:133(22)2:133(23)2:165(24)2:166(25)2:246(26)2:258(27)2:260(28)3:08(29)3:35(30)3:42(31)3:44(32)(47)3:44(33)3:45(34)3:55(35)3:80(36)3:81(37)3:103(38)3:121(39)3:122(40)3:124(41)3:152(42)3:153(43)3:164(44)3:187(45)4:72(46)4:108(47)5:07(48)5:11(49)5:20(50)5:20(51)5:27(52)5:110(53)5:110(54)5:110(55)5:110(56)5:110(57)5:110(58)5:110(59)5:111(60)5:112(61)5:116(62)6:27(63)6:30(64)6:43(65)6:71(66)6:74(67)6:91(68)6:144(69)7:05(70)7:12(71)7:69(72)7:74(73)7:80(74)7:86(75)7:89(76)7:141(77)7:161(78)7:163(79)7:163(80)7:164(81)7:167(82)7:171(83)7:172(84)8:07(85)8:09(86)8:11(87)8:12(88)8:17(89)8:26(90)8:30(91)8:32(92)8:42(93)8:43(94)8:44(95)8:48(96)8:49(97)8:50(98)9:25(99)9:40(100)9:40(101)9:40(102)9:115(103)10:61(104)10:71(105)12:04(106)12:08(107)12:51(108)12:89(109)12:100(110)12:102(111)14:06(112)14:06(113)14:07(114)14:35(115)15:28(116)15:52(117)17:47(118)17:47(119)17:47(120)17:60(121)17:61(122)17:94(123)17:101(124)18:10(125)18:14(126)18:21(127)18:39(128)18:50(129)18:55(130)18:60(131)18:63(132)19:03(133)19:39(1341)19:42(135)20:10(136)20:38(137)20:40(138)20:92(139)20:104(140)20:116(141)21:52(142)21:76(143)21:78(144)21:78(145)21:83(146)21:89(147)22:26(148)24:12(149)24:15(150)24:16(151)25:29(152)26:10(153)26:70(154)26:72(155)26:98(156)26:106(157)26:124(158)26:142(159)26:161(160)26:177(161)27:07(162)27:54(163)28:44(164)28:46(165)28:76(166)28:87(167)29:16(168)29:28(169)31:13(170)33:07(171)33:09(172)33:10(1730)33:10(174)33:12(1752)33:13(1763)33:37(177)34:32(178)34:33(179)34:51(180)36:13(181)36:14(182)37:84(183)37:85(184)37:124(185)37:134(186)37:140(187)38:21(188)38:22(189)38:31(190)38:41(191)38:69(192)38:71(193)39:32(194)40:10(195)40:47(196)41:14(197)43:26(198)46:11(199)46:21(200)46:26(201)46:29(202)48:18(203)48:26(204)50:17(205)51:25(206)51:38(207)51:41(208)51:43(209)53:16(210)53:32(211)53:32(212)59:16(213)60:04(214)61:05(215)61:06(2613)66:03(217)66:11(218)68:17(219)68:48(220)74:33(221)79:16(222)85:06=222                                                                           

Recurrence: (1)4:64(2)21:87(3)43:39=3        

 Vowel sign [ـِ] for reason اجتماع الساكنين of cluster of two vowel-less consonants.Recurrence: (1)2:60(2)2:124(3)6:93(4)7:160(5)8:44(6)18:16(7)19:16(8)32:12(9)34:31(10)40:18(11)40:71(12)91:12=12

Total units = 237

First occurrence:

  • Know the history of the point in time when the Sustainer Lord of you the Messenger said to the Angles:

  • "Be informed, I am about to appoint - declare Adam as self-ruler enjoying liberty of decision making — freewill in the Earth."

  • They (the Angels) opined saying: "Are You the Exalted rendering him the self-ruler therein who will create therein imbalance-mischief-disquiet and will shed bloods/talk floating vanitywill make voluble speeches

  • While we keep celebrating Your praises [or, we with Your Praise, we persistently execute as commanded] and we keep narrating the Glory of You the Exalted?".

  • He the Exalted replied: "The fact is that I best know that about which you people have no knowledge". [2:30]