Subjunctive and Emphasis and Future negation Particle. [حرف نصب و توكيد و نفى للمستقبل]

Recurrence: (1)2:24(2)2:55(3)2:61(4)2:80(5)2:95(6)2:111(7)2:120(8)3:10(9)3:24(10)3:92(11)3:111(12)3:116(13)3:176(14)3:177(15)4:129(16)4:141 (17)4:145(18)5:22(19)5:24(20)6:124(21)7:143(22)8:19(23)9:83(24)9:94(25)11:31(26)11:36(27)11:81(28)17:37(29)17:37(30)17:90(31)17:93(32)18:14(33)18:20(34)18:27(35)18:67(36)18:72(37)18:75(38)20:72(39)20:91(40)22:37(41)22:47(42)22:73(43)33:62(44)34:31(45)35:43(46)40:34(47)43:39(48)45:19(49)47:32(50)47:35(51)48:23(52)60:03(53)63:06(54)63:11(55)72:02(56)72:12(57)72:22=57 

Recurrence: (1)3:90(2)4:172(3)9:51(4)9:53(5)9:83(6)18:58(7)20:97(8)21:87(9)22:15(10)33:16(11)35:29(12)47:29(13)48:12(14)48:15(15)58:17(15)64:07(15)72:05(15)72:07(19)72:12(20)73:20(21)84:14(22)90:05=22                                                                                    

Recurrence: (1)12:66(2)72:22=2

Total Units: 81

When this Particle is prefixed to an imperfect verb, it causes the following four changes:

(1) The meaning of imperfect verb are changed into a very strong negation from simple "no or not" to never, never ever.

(2) The meanings of the  imperfect verb changes into futuristic tense, to negate the proposition in the future.

(3) The indicative mood of the imperfect verb [مُضَارِع مَرْفُوعٌ] becomes subjunctive [مُضَارِع مَنْصٌوبٌ] which means replacement of vowel sign  ـُ  on the last consonant of the verb with ـَ .

(4) The consonant and vowel [نَ,نِ] termed as نُون إِعْرَابِي is dropped or elided from the imperfect verb; [these are seven; (1) third person masculine dual (2) third person masculine plural (3) third person feminine dual, (4) second person masculine dual, (5)second person masculine plural, (6) second person feminine singular, (7) second person feminine dual].


  • Sequel to this effort, if you people have not been able to do it

  • -- And let it be mentioned that certainly in future too never ever will you be able to do it -- [since Qur’ān is neither authored-compiled by the Messenger nor can be authored except by Allah the Exalted-10:37]


  • Thereby, you people anxiously preserve yourselves from the Fire - Heated Hell-Prison

  • This Heated Hell-Prison is such that "Fuel"- charred- affected by it are the People and the Stones.

  • This Heated Hell-Prison has been prepared for those who are the disavowers- non-believers. [2:24]