from thunder-clap

: Prepositional Phrase: Separable Preposition + Active participle: definite; broken plural; feminine; genitive. Root: ص ع ق. It leads to the perception of thunderbolt. It thus signifies intense sound - bang.

Solitary occurrence: (1)2:19=1

  • Or alternatively, semblance - illustration of them (Muna'fi'qeen) is like the illustration of: صَيِّبٍ [Hyperbolic-Intensive participle] Supercell thunderstorm that has suddenly overtaken-descended from the Sky.

  • Layers of darkness and activity of excited movements, and luminosity-lightening keep happening within [him-صَيِّبٍ] Supercell thunderstorm.

  • They insert their fingers in their Ears as defence from stunning thunder-clap, wary of the death.

  • Know it; Allah the Exalted is all-encompassing those who are deniers - non-believing. [2:19]