from the Sky

: It is a prepositional Phrase. The preposition:

: Separable Preposition, with added Shadda because of conjoining the preceding silent Meem on the boundary of words; and added vowel sign to break the cluster of vowel-less consonants.

Generally this particle denotes a beginning point related either to time or place. Also, it signifies the beginning point in matters unrelated to time and place, as used in sentence, "It is from Sulaiman".

The prepositions originally designate relations of place, i.e. local relations, but are transferred first, to relation of time, i.e. temporal relations, and next to various sorts of ideal relations conceived under the figure of local relations to which they correspond. The simple prepositions are divisible into three clauses, indicating respectively, motion proceeding from or away from a place; motion to or towards it; and rest in it. The prepositions which indicate motion proceeding from or away from a place are: and: .

: The Sky: Root: س م و

: Recurrence: (1)2:18(2)2:59(3)4:153(4)5:114(5)7:96(6)7:162(7)8:11(8)8:32(9)10:31(10)15:14(11)17:96(12)18:40(13)26:4(14)26:18(15)27:60(16)27:64(17)29:34(18)34:9(19)34:9(20)35:3(21)36:29(22)40:13(23)52:44=23

The Shadda is either because of the preceding consonant is Meem or because the preceding word is with Tanween. When the preceding word is absolute indefinite with Tanween this prepositional phrase relates to elided adjective (متعلقان بمحذوف صفة) of preceding noun.

: Recurrence: (1)2:22(2)2:164(3)6:99(4)10:24(5)13:17(6)14:32(7)15:22(8)16:10(9)16:65(10)18:45(11)20:53(12)22:31(13)22:63(14)23:18(15)24:43(16)25:48(17)29:63(18)30:24(19)31:10(20)32:5(21)34:2(22)35:27(23)39:21(24)43:11(25)45:5(26)50:9(27)57:4=27

It relates to antecedent verb.

First occurrence:

  • Layers of darkness and activity of excited movements, and luminosity-lightening keep happening within [him-صَيِّبٍ] Supercell thunderstorm.

  • They insert their fingers in their Ears on hearing stunning thunder-clap wary of the death.

  • Know it; Allah the Exalted is all-encompassing those who are deniers - non-believing. [2:19]

Total units: 50