they people revert

Verbal sentence: Verb: Imperfect; third person; plural; masculine; Mood: Indicative evident by نَ ;[Form I]; [و]  Subject Pronoun; nominative state; مصدر-رَجْعٌ و رَجُوعٌ-باب ضرب Verbal noun. Root: ر ج ع. It leads to the perception of returning; to go back to previous state.

The perception enfolded in the Root signifies that it has in it element of motion in the direction of a goal. An object (person: Theme) moves in a direction to arrive at a goal. Therefore, the goal may be expressed (by prepositional phrases) or it may be understood from the context because it is always implied by the verb itself. Therefore, the goal should be mentioned, if not indicated in the sentence, in the translation to facilitate the reader of target language text.

The object that moves may be an entity that moves under its own power - will but it could be otherwise an entity which is forced to move towards a goal.

فعل مضارع مرفوع بثبوت النون/و- ضمير متصل في محل رفع فاعل/جمع مذكرغائب


First occurrence:
  • These Muna'fi'qeen: impostor believers act like a deaf, dumb, blind.

  • Thereby they revert not to guidance. [2:18]


  • And scholarly-religious group of the people of Book directed their influenced people:


  • "Pronounce accepting, that which has compositely been sent to the Believers, before them in the beginning of the day and at day-end denounce the belief therein.

  • By this method, there is possibility that those of our people who have become believers might return to us.... [3:72]



  • Know it; Our Majesty had dispersed them: Bani Iesraa'eel in the Earth as different tribes.

  • The righteously perfectionists were a segment of those tribes; and others of opposite conduct amongst them.

  • And We had subjected them to trial with pleasant and odd circumstances;

  • The objective was that they might revert to prescribed code of conduct. [7:168]


  • Note it: Like this exposition, Our Majesty illustrates Aa'ya'at: verbal passages of Grand Qur'aan  demarcating, categorizing, delineating and individuating all aspects — —;


  • And further objective is that they (polytheists) might revert to original reality: Monotheism. [7.174]



  • And he (Yu'suf) directed his servants-officials of the grain depot: "Place their originally paid capital-stock in their saddlebags;

  • So that they recognize it when they have reached and met their household.

  • This may prompt them to return here." [become our permanent clients] [12:62]


  • Thereby in keeping with his public pronouncement, he went to temple and rendered them (the statues) broken to pieces, leaving the one which was of greater respect for them

  • With the intention that they people return to him for enquiry- to know reason for breaking smaller and leaving bigger one. [21:58]


  • Know it, the return by people of a civilization, Our Majesty had annihilated her, is prohibited: [21:95]


  • [where after he drafted a letter] He commanded, "You go with mine letter, this one; upon reaching there throw it towards them that they see it;


  • Thereafter, get away from them, then [seeing they found the letter] watch as to how they react to it." [27:28]



  • [Allah has let] The imbalance, distortion, pollution and disturbance surfaced in the Land and the Water Reservoirs for reason of that which the hands of people have done/piled up,

  • For the purpose that He may let them taste some result of that which they have done;

  • The objective was that they might revert to prescribed code of conduct. [30:41]


  • And certainly We will let them taste the lighter punishment/suffering prior to the greater torment,

  • So that they might revert to prescribed code of conduct. [32:21]


  • Have they not seen - thought that many people of civilizations before them Our Majesty have annihilated;


  • That they will not return to them. [36:31]


  • Thereat they will not be able to make a will;

  • And nor would they return to their household. [36:50]


  • And if We willed certainly We would have transformed them at their present locations

  • Whereupon they would not be able to make themselves proceed nor they could return back. [36:67]


  • And He the Exalted declared this as a lasting word in the descendents of him;

  • So that they might revert to prescribed code of conduct. [43:28]


  • While what Our Majesty showed them some demonstrative physical sings/manifestations it was greater than its sister one/earlier happening,

  • And Our Majesty seized them with infliction;

  • So that they might revert to prescribed code of conduct. [43:48]


  • And indeed Our Majesty annihilated that which is around you people of the habitats/localities;

  • And We had rotated/centrifuged the Aa'ya'at making the point distinct and separated from all angles;

  • So that they might revert to prescribed code of conduct.[46:27]