: Active Participle: masculine; plural; nominative; [Form X]. Root: ھ  ز ء. Basic perception is that of Jest: joking, talk in a playful manner, to make fun of something or someone, treat someone non seriously; an act performed for amusement.

  اسم فاعل:مرفوع-جمع سالم مذكر/باب  إستفعال

Solitary occurrence:
  • Be informed: when they came face to face with them who had truly believed [whom they regarded fools on their back]; they said: "We have accepted- believed".


  • But, while they went in privacy to their people/bosses of devilish psyche and conduct, they said to them clarifying:

  • "Certainly, We are affiliated with you people. We only contrive jesting with them (the believers)." [2:14]