with you people

Possessive Phrase: Location Adverb, accusative; + Suffixed Possessive pronoun: second person; masculine; plural.

       الإِضَافَةُ-ظرف مكان: منصوب/مضاف + ضمير متصل  في محل جر /جمع مذكر حاضر-مضاف إليه

A good general definition of adverb is: "adverbs add specific information about time, manner or place to the meanings of verbs or whole clauses". Adverbs may also add information to adjectives [very easy] or to other adverbs [late yesterday]. An essential characteristic of adverbs is that they are additive; that is, they are external to the core proposition in a clause or sentence. They are sort of an optional element in clause structure.


: (1)2:14(2)2:41(3)3:81(4)5:12(5)6:94(6)8:12(7)8:75(8)9:42(9)11:93(10)12:66(11)29:10(12)47:35(13)57:04(14)59:11=14


: (1)4:141(2)36:19(3)38:59(4)57:14=4      

Total units: 26

First occurrence:

  • Be informed: when they came face to face with them who had truly believed [whom they regarded fools on their back]; they said: "We have accepted- believed".


  • But, while they went in privacy to their people/bosses of devilish psyche and conduct, they said to them clarifying:

  • "Certainly, We are affiliated with you people. We only contrive jesting with them (the believers)." [2:14]