You people accept - believe

 Verbal sentence: Verb: Imperative; Second person; plural; masculine; [Form IV]; [و ] Subject Pronoun, Nominative state; مصدر-اِيمانٌ Verbal Noun- Root: ء م ن

فعل أمر مبنى على حذف النون لأنَّ مضارعه من الأفعال الخمسة

و- ضمير متصل في محل رفع فاعل-والألف-فارقة/جمع مذكرحاضر/باب افعال

First occurrence:

  • Moreover, when it was said to them (Muna'fi'qeen: Impostor believers):

  • "You people incline to accept likewise as other people have heartily accepted."

  • They replied: "Should we accept likewise as the Fools have accepted?"

  • No, the fact is that they themselves are truly the Fools []

  • Since they aspire not gaining knowledge [under duality of thought to retain association with Non-believing Jews]. [2:13]


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