Root: ر ھ و

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 1 Noun

الراء والهاء والحرف المعتل أصلان، يدلُّ أحدُهما على دَعَةٍ وخَفْضٍ وسكون، والآخرُ على مكانٍ قد ينخفض ويرتفع.فالأوّل الرَّهْو: البحر الساكن.

That it signifies  mildness, easy and smooth and calm, quite, inactive. And secondly a state of depression and elevation.

(القاموس المحيط)
الرَّهْوُ: الفَتْحُ بَيْنَ الرِّجْلَيْنِ، والسَّيْرُ السَّهْلُ، والمكانُ المُرْتَفِعُ، والمُنْخَفِضُ، كالرَّهْوَةِ فيهما، ضِدٌّ، والواسِعَةُ الهَنِ،

That it signifies an opening - space between two legs; and easy pace; and a place which experiences sometimes elevation and sometime depression.

Lane Lexicon: He parted, or made an opening, between his legs.  A state of elevation and a state of depression: thus having two contr. significations. An intervening space between two things.

Classical Lexicons

  • Thereat, he was told, "You [O Musa] travel by night with My subjects

  • Indeed you people will be purposely chased [44:23]

  • And [after having crossed over to the other side of Gulf of Suez on the Dry Bridge/Passage] you abandon the Gulf of Suez, leaving it in the ridged state.

  • It is a fact that they are the troops that will be caused to be drowned". [44:24]

Exodus - Eyewitness account


Verbal Noun: Indefinite; accusative  (1)44:24=1                                   مصدر: منصوب