Root: ر ص د

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 6 

b) No of constructions: 6 All Nouns

Ibn Faris [died 1005] stated:

(مقاييس اللغة)

الراء والصاد والدال أصلٌ واحد، وهو التهيُّؤُ لِرِقْبةِ شيءٍ على مَسْلكِه، ثم يُحمَل عليه ما يشاكلُه.

That it signifies readiness, preparedness for the neck of an object upon its attitude, conduct, and then it connotes what conforms, resembles it.

Lane Lexicon:  He sat [or lay in waitfor him in the road, or way: [see رَصَدٌ:] (A, Msb:) or he watched, or waited, for him;

Classical Lexicons

اردومیں کچھ اس انداز سے مستعمل ہے کہ اساس تو عربی والی ہے مگر استعمال مخصوص معنوں میں ہے۔ رصد، رصدگاہ

(آلات کے ذریعے) ستاروں کے گردش دیکھنے کا عمل۔ چبوترا۔ (ماخوذ: فرہنگ آصفیہ، مہذب اللغات)ارگاہ۔ (فرہنگ آصفیہ، مہذب اللغات)۔(کریڈٹ ٌ)

  • Thereafter the proclamation of denouncement when the announced period of Four months of the Restraint have spun-elapsed —

  • Thereat, for reason of termination of the pact you people are directed to fight the specifically referred polytheists whenever and wherever you did confront them [except in the precincts of Sacred mosque subject to their restraint-2:191]; and seize them and restrain them in jail —

  • And siege them: sit for them at every point of waiting/routes to contain their movement/corner them —

  • Sequel to this measure if they revert (to their ancestor's Code of Life: Islam), and maintain Ass-sa'laat: Time bound protocol of servitude and allegiance to Allah the Exalted; and pay the Az-zaka'at: financial liability for economic uplift of society [they are brethren in your System of Life-9:11] —

  • Thereby, you are directed to vacate their passage.

Root: خ ل و

  • The fact remains, Allah the Exalted is indeed Oft-forgiving/overlooking past faults, the Merciful. [9:05]

  • And as for those who had earlier adopted a mosque for causing harm and disbelief and a state of division-disintegration amongst the believers —

  • And as a launching pad-station for him who foretimes intrigued-battled against Allah the Exalted and His Messenger:

  • They will certainly swear and say: "We intended nothing except good".

  • Mind it, Allah the Exalted bears witness emphasizing that they are certainly the liars. [9:107]

  • And that indeed we used [as you know] to sit in the Sky in some of its sitting places for the purpose of listening.

             Asteroids meanings "star like, star shaped"

  • But now [We have come to know by listening Qur’ān] if anyone endeavours to listen he will find for himself a fireball awaiting him. [72:09]

  • Except the Messengers whom He at His own has approved and appreciated —

  • Thereat, having revealed, He the Exalted makes to march before him and behind him as alert guard — [72:27]

  • Indeed the Hell-Prison has been a place lying in wait—[78:21]

  • Truly your Sustainer Lord certainly watchfully awaits to take cognizance. [89:14]



Verbal Noun: Indefinite; accusative; [Form-IV]. (1)9:107=1        مصدر: منصوب


Verbal Noun: Indefinite; accusative; (1)72:09=1                                    مصدر: منصوب


Verbal Noun: Indefinite; accusative; (1)72:27=1                                     مصدر: منصوب


Emphatic Particle-distanced + Prepositional Phrase: بـِ Inseparable preposition + Noun of location/Verbal Noun: definite; masculine, genitive.  (1) 89:14=1

              لام التوكيد-المزحلقة + جار و مجرور= بـِ حرف جر + ظرف  مكان::معرفہ باللام مجرور-واحد مذكر


Noun of location/Verbal Noun: Indefinite; masculine, accusative. (1) 78:21=1

      ظرف  مكان:: منصوب-واحد مذكر

6 Noun of location/Verbal Noun: definite; masculine, genitive. (1)9:05=1

                             ظرف  مكان:: مجرور-واحد مذكر