Root: ف ر غ

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur’ān:

a) Total occurrences: 6 

b) No of constructions: 5

Noun: 1; Verb: 4; Recurrence: 5 [Form-I: 2; Form-IV: 3]

Lane Lexicon: It was, or became, empty, vacant, void, devoid, destitute, or unoccupied;

اردو میں ’’فارغ‘‘ان معنوں میں مستعمل ہے:

مطئمن، بے فکر، فارغ البال، آسودہ، بے نیاز۔ خالی، آزاد، وہ شخص جو کام سے فرصت پا چکا ہو۔

  • And when they as soon came in open confronting Ja'loot [Goliath] and his troops —

  • اور جوں ہی وہ کھلے میدان میں جالوت اور اس کے لشکروں کے آمنے سامنے ہوئے۔

  • They prayed "Our Sustainer Lord! Do bless us with coolly perseverance and fortitude —

  • تو انہوں نے دعا کی’’ہمارے رب!ہمارے پر تحمل و برداشت کی قوت انڈیل دیں۔

  • And do make firm our foothold-strengthen firmness —

  • اور ہمارے قدموں کومضبوطی سے جمائیں رکھیں۔

  • And help us for victory over the unbelieving people." [2:250]

  • اور آپ ہمیں ان انکار کرنے والے لوگوں پرغلبہ پانے کے لئے مدد فرمائیں‘‘۔

  • And you are revengeful and retaliatory against us for nothing except that we have believed in the signs of our Sustainer Lord upon having reached us."

  • They prayed: "Our Sustainer Lord! Shower upon us perseverance and segregate us [on day of judgment] in identity of Muslims." [7:126]

  • You bring to me the sheets of iron".

Root: ز ب ر

  • Iron pieces were brought until such time he completed structure-frame levelled/equated between the two cliffs. Thereat he said, "You people Blow [fire]".

Root: ن ف خ;  ص د ف

  • Blowing continued until when he had rendered it (the iron sheets framed together as wall) incandescent he said, "you bring to me molten iron, I will pour upon it fluid."  [18:96]

Root: ق ط ر

  • [reverting back to his mother] And, having placed her son in the River, the Mind of the mother of Mūsā [alai'his'slaam] set free.

Root: ف ء د

  • It is certain that she would have almost disclosed it had Our Majesty not related the chain of events upon her heart—

Root: ر ب ط

  • It was for the purpose that she remained a staunch believer [that the promise of Allah gets executed-28:13]. [28:10]

  • Very soon Our Majesty will be free for you people [because of death of you all on the Last Day] to hold you accountable O you the two groups— [subject to accountability-Jinn and Human being] [55:31]

  • (ہم جناب عنقریب تم لوگوں کیلئے فارغ،فرصت میں ہو جائیں گے،غور سے سنو اے قابل مؤاخذہ دو گروہوں (جنات اور انسان)! (سورۃالرحمٰن٣١

  • Thereby, when you would have free time, even then remain diligent — [94:07]




Active Participle: indefinite; singular; masculine; accusative. (1)28:10=1

                                           اسم فاعل: منصوب-واحد  مذكر


Verb Form-I


Prefixed particle سَ which shows futurity and recurrence + Verb: Imperfect; First Person; Plural/Sovereign singular; Mood: Indicative; [نَحْنُ] Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر فَرَاغٌ; فُرُوغٌ- Verbal noun. (1)55:31=1

   حرف استقبال + فعل مضارع مرفوع بالضمة  الفاعل ضمير مستتر فيه-:نَحْنُ-جمع متكلم


Verb: Perfect; Second person; singular; masculine; تَ Subject pronoun, nominative state; مصدر فَرَاغٌ; فُرُوغٌ  Verbal noun.  (1)94:07=1

              فعل ماضٍ مبنى على السكون لاتصاله بضمير الرفع/التاء-ضمير متصل  في محل رفع فاعل واحد مذكرمخاطب


Verb Form-IV


Verb: Imperative/Prayer; Second Person; Masculine; Singular; [Form-IV][أَنتَ] Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر اِفْرَاغٌ Verbal Noun. (1)2:250(2)7:126=2

                 فعل أمر(التماس بصيغة طلب) مبنى على السكون/الفاعل ضمير مستتر فيه-أَنتَ-واحد مذكرمخاطب/باب افعال 


Verb: Imperfect; First person; singular; masculine; Mood: Jussive; [Form-IV]; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر اِفْرَاغٌ Verbal Noun. (1)18:96=1

     فعل مضارع مجزوم لأنه جواب الطلب/الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:أَنَا-واحد متكلم/باب افعال