Sociality is the fundamental characteristic of the created realm, matter and life both. Nothing can exist in isolation and at its own. However, Man needs to be given training and skills required for functioning successfully in the society. The par excellent social activity - event is the socialization of the Subject with the Lord-King-Sovereign. The affectionate Sovereign is he who affords opportunities to his subjects to be in his presence occasionally for sometime for paying homage and seeking blessings of him. The subjects gain strength, feel of security and confidence by being in the House of the Sovereign. It becomes subject's pride.

We as social beings living in societies and states are well aware of the protocols of Subject-Lord Contact. Timings are determined by the Lord. The Subject is required to follow the prescribed dress code and manners of speech and gestures while in the premises of Lord.

Universe is the State of the Sustainer Lord of all the created realm and we are the resident subjects of it. The Sustainer Lord, Allah the Exalted has prescribed and made it mandatory for us to contact Him everyday at intervals. This is called in Arabic: : The time bound Protocol of Servitude and Allegiance.

: The time bound Protocol of Servitude and Allegiance is the fundamental protocol for all living beings in the created realm which is prescribed in the Constitution: Universal Code of Conduct-:  Voluntary submission to the discipline establishing state of peace, security, tranquillity and dynamic balance for all. It is the sublime protocol of interaction-social conduct within the created realm. Read it carefully and critically since it is the first manifestation of our claim of belief and a guarantee of success and fruitfulness of belief:
  • Indeed the following of those who identify their selves as Believers have attained perpetual success and fruitfulness: [23:01]

  • Those believers who demonstrate solemnity and humble-mindedness in the performance of their As-Salaat: time bound Protocol of Servitude and Allegiance; [23:02]


  • Indeed he has attained the perpetual success-fruitfulness who elevated himself in piety;  [87:14]

  • And he remembered and adored the Name of his Sustainer Lord whereby he performed Salaat: Time bound Protocol of Servitude and allegiance. [87:15]


: It is derived from Root: ص ل و . Basic perception infolded is to praise and magnify; express commendation, or wish blessings upon the one who is revered; or to appreciate someone. Ibn Faris [died 1005] in his classical Lexicon: مقاييس اللغة had quoted a verse of a poem of pre-Qur’ān period to highlight one aspect of this Root regards invoking blessings:

وقابَلَها الرِّيحُ في دَنِّها    وصلَّى على دَنِّها وارتَسم

Learned Professor Toshihiko Izutsu in his book: "God and Man in the Qur’ān" quoted it in his study on the concept of this Root and word: : [Quote]

About the other aspect of the Root in physical realm; the Lane's Lexicon has this entry:

صَلاً  The middle of the back of a human being and of any quadruped: or as some say,  [app. in a beast,] the part that slopes down from the hips, or haunches: or the space intervening between the جَاعِرَة [app. meaning the hinder projection of the haunch or rump of a beast] and the tail:  or the part on the right and left of the tail; the two together being called [the] صَلَوَانِ,

And المُصَلِّى signifies, as applied to a horse, The one that follows next after the foremost [at the goal]  in a race:  because his head is next to the part called صَلاً,  or next to the صَلَوَانِ,  of the foremost. [Unquote]

The fact about the words of Arabic is that; whatever be its pattern-mould-structuring frame, it will retain the original perception infolded in the Root with additional meanings and connotation, shade and colour added by the peculiar pattern and relational aspect of the semantic field where it is used. Thereby, in case the happening, phenomenon and an act does not mirror the perception infolded in its Root; it will not be: .

The experts suggest that one of the criteria a book has to meet to earn title of a great book is that: "The book has to speak from an important original setting". We quoted the earlier works in token of recognition and appreciation of their scholarly works. However, fact remains that Grand Qur’ān is the unique Book. It make us feel as if we are living in Mecca of early 7th century but simultaneously keeping us in and beyond 21st century. Let us watch a group of people of Mecca of 7th AD as to what they have been performing under thought and perception of  :

  • Know it; Their Salaat- around the House: Ka'aba has been a performance nothing except act of rhythmic music of whistling and playing snap of fingers and clapping. [Ref 8:35]



This picturesque portray of the manner of :that was being performed by one segment of the people identified and referred as "People without the Book of Allah" suffices to prove that despite they having become idol worshippers were still holding to the concept of:  .

[Be mindful of your surroundings; some are bringing in music within the Mosques under guise of respectful gestures. Many people these days can neither mourn nor can revere and pay homage without assistance of background "music"]