The Covenant between Allah the Exalted and His Chosen, Dignified and Exalted Sincere Allegiants

This Subject was also distorted by some Psychological manipulators with tilted psyche and self nurtured disease of animosity, jealousy, bias, envy, and aversion against the Person of the Leader of Humanity, the Messenger and Personification of the Infinite Mercy of Allah the Exalted. He is the great of created realm-Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam. He is Unique in the created realm for whom reverence and praises continue uninterrupted in timeline. This causes irk and lets such Psychological Manipulators advance in compounding their disease. There is no dearth of people of such psyche in the world, as well as within believing societies whom Allah the Exalted has given a specific name "Muna'fi'qeen". They clothe certain aspects of fact-truth with falsehood, and apply technique of "lying by omission". This is a subtle form of lying by withholding and leaving out important and significant fact-truth to foster a misconception. [ref 3:71].

One such "Muna'fiq" was Rashad Khalifa who self proclaimed "messenger of covenant" by employing deceitful tactics used by psychological manipulators of tilted hearts and psyche.

 The Covenant is explained in Qur'an:

  • Know it that when Allah the Exalted had obtained the Pledge-Covenant-Oath of the Chosen, Dignified and elevated Sincere Allegiants, to the effect:

: It is the direct object of preceding verb. The First Noun of this Possessive Phrase is derived from Root " و ث ق".  Basic perception infolded was described by Ibn Faris [died-1005] in these words:

(مقاييس اللغة)

الواو والثاء والقاف كلمةٌ
تدلُّ على عَقْدٍ وإحكام.

That it leads to the perception of an agreement, covenant, firm knot, bond, solemn pledge; and binding decisions, obligations.

Covenant is an agreement by freewill between two rational parties. Its provisions contain promise by a party and a solemn pledge by other party to fulfil an obligation. Articles of this Covenant were:

  • "That whatever I would have given to you by that time for communication to people a segment of a book (Mother/ Principal) and wisdom- knowledge of invisible- infolded facts;

The point in time of discharge of obligation; imposed upon entire group of: those Persons who were chosen, dignified and exalted over all creations as sincere allegiants of Allah the Exalted, was when whatever assigned individually to them had been given in time and space. This is the first part of the Covenant denoting that which Allah the Exalted were to do in time and space with all of them. On accomplishment of this part in timeline, and after a break something else was to happen:

  • Afterwards the passage of time and having given to you all, a Messenger would have come to you people. This messenger would be Testifier-Affirmer-Certifier-Sanctifier-Authenticator of that which was with you all;


Conjunction Particle:  is a connective that indicates a sequential action, coming later in time than the action in the preceding sentence or clause. It occurs as conjunction between two things different from each other in nature, and reflects a break and time gap between both, not continuity. It does not reflect the perception of relationship of cause and effect.

What was the imposed obligation binding upon all of them?

  • It will be binding for you people to affectionately believe in him and must help him".

Did they-consented to this proposed covenant?

  • He (Allah) the Exalted asked them: "Have you willingly consented-pledged to stay by it and that you have self undertaken this Assignment-Covenant of Mine?"

  • They responded: "We have heartily and sincerely consented."

A covenant - an oath taking is recorded or witnessed.

  • He (Allah) the Exalted said: "Thereby, you people record-testify your oath. And I also testify along with you as being amongst witnesses [having administered the oath]." [3:81]



Allah the Exalted had chosen a number of Men granting them exalted stature over and above all His rational creations depicted by Arabic: Adjective resembling participle. They all were given part of the Book to act as Messengers in time and space. It is a simple proposition that a person is firstly chosen, and thus stands dignified by this selection whereby he is assigned the responsibility to act as Messenger for conveying the Message to targeted people. One of them were to appear on the worldly scene at the end, as accomplisher of this chosen group of Men.

: It is an indefinite Noun in nominative case and absolute state; the Subject of preceding Perfect singular Verb: . It is known that an indefinite noun, unless characterized, cannot be the subject of a verb. It is characterized by an Active Participle: . Active Participles are formed from Present Tense Active Voice Verb according to specific rules. Used as an adjective, the Active Participle acts as descriptive term. It signifies the Messenger who is Affirmer-Certifier-Sanctifier-Authenticator for all that which was given to: all chosen representatives of Allah the Exalted.

This Unique Covenant is again referred in Grand Qur’ān:
  • And recall that We had obtained their Pledge-Covenant from the Chosen, Dignified and elevated Sincere Allegiants, and from you Muhammad [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam];

  • and from Noah, and Iebra'heim, and Mūsā [عليهم السلام] and Easa [alai'his'slaam] son of Maryam.

  • And We had obtained from them a Pledge-Covenant unambiguously and strongly worded. [33:07]



Allah the Exalted appointed the Chosen, Dignified and Elevated sincere Allegiants to act as His Messengers towards various peoples in time and space, on reaching strengthen maturity. They were given a Book or Unprecedented Displays as tangible sign of they being the Messengers of Allah the Exalted. Mūsā and Haroon [عليهم السلام] were sent as Messengers towards Pharaoh and his coteries without the Book but instead with unprecedented Displays. And were given the Book later on to communicate it to Bani Iesraa'eel.

The last but one in the group of Chosen, Dignified and Elevated sincere Allegiants-spokespersons of Allah the Exalted was Easa alai'his'slaam, son of Maryam, who pronounced to the people towards whom he was sent as the Messenger of Allah the Exalted:

  • Moreover, my assignment is as the Pronouncer of glad news of one Messenger. His specific peculiarity is that he will corporeally come n times after my death. Other peculiarity of this Messenger is that his name is: : Aehmad the admirer and praiser of Allah the Exalted."




It was announced about 550-600 years prior to corporeal arrival of the: Authenticating Accomplisher of Chosen, Dignified and Exalted Sincere Allegiants of Allah the Exalted.

All the Messengers sent in timeline and space were for a specific gathering of people and not for the entire species of Human beings and Species Jinn. The Messenger referred to in the Covenant who was to authenticate the entire history of various Messengers of existing and annihilated nations needs but to be a Universal Messenger, not restricted in time and space. Allah the Exalted informed: 

  • And fact remains that Our Majesty have granted unique distinction-peculiarity-individuality to member of the Galaxy of Chosen, Dignified and Exalted Sincere Allegiants upon some others. [Ref 17:55]



The peculiar characterization of the: Messenger in the Covenant was mentioned as: : denoting that Messenger who will act as Testifier-Affirmer-Certifier-Sanctifier-Authenticator of all that which was communicated or given to all of them who were the signatory-party to the said Covenant. Who is he whom Allah the Exalted granted distinction of: of the Covenant?

Exalted Messenger Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam fulfilled the condition that placed the followers of all the past Messengers under an obligation to believe in him and help him in his responsibility and mission. He was asked to direct all those believing in him to pronounce this:

We the Believers tell the Jews and Christians, whom earlier the Elevated Messengers, signatories of the Covenant were sent and Book was given, the peculiarity that was assigned in the Covenant to the Authenticator Messenger:


The Covenant was affectionately accepted and an obligation-bond was acquired and its burden lifted:

  It is a Possessive Phrase: Noun: Definite; Singular; Masculine; accusative + Possessive Pronoun: First Person; Singular, Masculine; genitive state, refers Allah the Exalted. Its Root is "ء ص ر".  It signifies the subject matter, prestation of a covenant.

Prestation (performance) of the obligee is signified by: an obligation, undertaking, promise for a certain performance. Its irreducible feature is that it is a burden which is uplifted or uploaded upon the obligee. It signifies a burden one uplifts when he makes a covenant undertaking an obligation to perform in a certain manner:

The Covenant had imposed a self-agreed obligation-burden upon the Chosen and Elevated Allegiants and thereby upon their nations. This burden can be laid off only by: the Authenticator Messenger mentioned in the Covenant provided people believe and revere him.


Allah the Exalted had also taken Covenant from respective nations through the Chosen and Elevated dignified sincere Allegiants-Spokespersons appointed as their Messengers.

Among others, an important Article of Covenant was:

Please note that Article of Covenant obtained from Bani Iesraa'eel through Mūsā alai'his'slaam bound them for believing in a number of Messengers of Allah the Exalted who were to be sent in timeline.

Time kept passing. Then comes the point in time when Easa alai'his'slaam son of Maryam was sent:

Easa alai'his'slaam son of Maryam, and the exalted Messenger of Allah the Sovereign Sustainer Lord of Universes, addressed Bani Iesraa'eel, his address is quoted verbatim in Qur’ān:

Please note that Easa [alai'his'slaam] did not claim to be: for all that which was given to all the Messengers preceding him in time and space towards various nations. His role was restricted to authenticate that which was revealed through Tor'aat.

Please note that the Covenant of Bani Iesraa'eel obtained in the days of Mūsā alai'his'slaam regards believing in plural number of Messengers was modified and amended by Easa alai'his'slaam to the effect that after his natural death there will come only ONE Messenger. He was the first to disclose and pronounce the fact of arrival of: . We revere and salute him with heads down and to all the Elevated Messengers of Allah the Exalted who preceded him in time and space.

Responding to Easa alai'his'slaam, Bani Iesraa'eel bifurcated into two divisions:

At this point in time Bani Iesraa'eel bifurcated into two nations, one becoming Believers-Muslims and the other as Non-Believers. This new nation-identified as Muslims, later in history adopted for them a new name-identity as: Helpers-Christians. Since they were now a different nation disassociated from Bani Iesraa'eel, a Covenant was also obtained from them:

However, both the nations violated their Covenant and deliberately disowned it.

However some amongst them did and do honour their Covenant and discharge their obligation by believing in the exalted Last Messenger of Allah the Supreme Sovereign Lord of Universes; Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam and Qur’ān. Believers affectionately with reverence accept the word of Allah the Exalted that he is: the Affirmer-Certifier-Sanctifier-Authenticator Messenger, who was mentioned in the Covenant obtained from all the Chosen, Dignified and elevated Sincere Allegiants. Believers are also subjected to a Covenant-a binding obligation:

Our Covenant with Allah the Exalted and our obligation is ONLY to listen and consciously accept the word of Grand Qur’ān and not of any person, scholar, clergy, notwithstanding what cloak he is wearing, and self assigning a title of honour and dignity. We are not under obligation-oath to believe in any one as nabi, messenger, messiah since there is now none in time line. Allah the Exalted defines the promise breakers and transgressor-who go out of the prescribed bounds that they are:

  • They [ ] are those who in time and space who break - disavow the Contract of Allah the Exalted, after its having consented as Covenant. [Ref 2:27]


And verdict about such people is:

  • These are truly those who cause- earn loss to their selves in time-line. [Ref 2:27]

Some of the Psychological manipulators, applied all techniques at their command to distort and change the perception of others about the:   mentioned in the Covenant who is declared: , and the Universal Last Messenger. Few, falsely and deceptively self proclaimed an elevated rank of "nabi" and "messenger of covenant". They naively forgot that some of believers and followers of: Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam stand elevated to an ascension that none in the timeline till Last Day will equal them. They are declared as all time great against all people who lived or are living after Conquest of Mecca-mother of Cities notwithstanding any quality they might have.

Those who distort-absolve-disown their pledge and obligation only to listen and accept Qur’ān are truly: and in believing society they are: [9:67] who are destined to be permanent prisoners of Hell-Prison. Such Psychological manipulators- naively forgot to manipulate and distort the meanings and message of this Ayah-57:10 in their translations and exegeses. They including Rashad Khalifa, forgetting their own translation that they could not even attain status equivalent to the earlier followers of the Exalted Messenger Muhammad [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam], foolishly opted to falsely and deceptively self-proclaim a higher elevated rank of "nabi" and "rasul". Allah the Supreme Sovereign has adjudged about Muna'fi'qeen that they are truly the fools [ref 2:13].