Man's Origin: History of his coming into being.

The narrative of Man taking existence in the Physical Realm is the first of many episodes mentioned in Qur’ān. 

Allah the Exalted informs us about history of the Creation of Man in picturesque verbal presentation in the Grand Qur’ān that we might conveniently visualize the happenings.

  • Know the history of point in time when Our Majesty had commanded the Angles, "You people pay obeisance for Aa'dam".

  • Thereat, they paid obeisance to him.

  • However, Ieb'lees (Representative of Species Jinn, in response to the command given to him separately-7:12) did not pay obeisance; he demurred and puffed his self obsessed with pride of grandeur and superiority;

  • And he had behaved as those who refuse the command. [2:34]

Aa'dam is the First Man in Human Species. He was created and took existence as fully mature man.

In fiction, structure of drama or narrative is usually divided into five parts or acts, which is referred by some as dramatic. They arc: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and dénouement - resolution, revelation or catastrophe. Man is inveterate story teller and story listener. Man is interested in knowing his origin. The gossip mongers taking advantage of human desire fabricate imaginative stories and hypothesis without factual premises to fascinate people for their advantage. Grand Qur’ān is Enlightenment. It is therefore obvious that it could not miss prioritizing for the elevated Messenger to enlighten the humanity about their origin.

In this Ayah the climax of the Narrative about Man is mentioned. It was the turning point of the entire history of creation; the "protagonist" -Aa'dam (name of the First Man), the basic cause of the created realm, is to receive welcome, salute and obeisance from the Species created earlier than him. We must realize the importance of this episode since it is the first choice of all the episodes mentioned in the Grand Qur’ān. This is the only episode; if we carefully read and understand it throwing away ridiculous stories fabricated by pseudo-scholars, we will find it warps us in space-time in two universes - extraterrestrial and the Earthly. We are woven in the centre of time-string rendering us living in the past and in the future simultaneously.

Please retain in memory that we are reading the book which is described by epithet: LightEnlightenment. We need not acquire an intra-universe "wormhole". The book will make us much ahead of NASA's discovering and making "Warp Bubbles" since they will enable only interstellar travel, while we in our imagination are travelling beyond the extremities of the Sky. Our guide lord Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam did physically travel warping space-time, therefore, since then it is not a fiction but a scientific reality—(The corporeal Journey far beyond the ascensions of Earthly Universe).

Let us express our gratitude to Allah the Exalted for affording great honour by this direction to the earlier existing living beings for paying an exalted ceremonial reception and welcome to First Human Person, named A'adam [alaihisalam].

How A'adam [alaihisalam], the first human being, was created is explained in detail:

  • O you the mankind! Listen carefully:

  • You people sincerely endeavour to attain the protection from your Sustainer Lord. Your Sustainer Lord is He the Exalted Who created you people from an entity-person that acts as individual; retains individuality.

  • And He created his spouse-wife from a part of that person.

  • And He the Exalted spread apart majority of men and all women from that couple.

  • And sincerely endeavour to attain the protection from Allah the Exalted, in Whose Name you ask-claim from one another; and be reverently mindful for relationship of the Wombs by which you implore.

  • Take heed: Allah the Exalted is certainly ever eternally watchful over you people. [4:01]



6:98; 7:189; 31:28; 39:6

  • Know the history of  point in time when your (the Messenger) Sustainer Lord had said for the Angels;

  • "I am about to create a being of "skinned corporeal compact structure";

  •  It will be corporeally created with the raw material comprising sand-mixedcrinkled clay drawn from odor-diffused pulverized fetid muddy compound. [15:28]


The pronouncement was: "I am about to create a being of "skinned corporeal compact structure"

This news negates hypothetical, conjectural myths propagated by the pseudo-intellectuals about emergence of human beings through so-called evolutionary process. The object of the intended creation was introduced by the cognition code/name: . The basic perception of its Root "ب ش ر", is the Skin. The circumstantial/adjectival clause about state, shape, or physical appearance of this intended object is elided. However, it is manifestly evident by mention of the "raw material" selected for composing/coagulating it, that it was "a frame, mould, body, structure". Human Person has an apparent structure, physical body: : Root: ج س د Semantic Domain: Human Body
  • Moreover, another fact about those Messengers of foretimes is that We had not assigned them exceptional bodies of characteristic that they did not keep eating food/meals.

  • Nor were they the Beings who lived perpetually - indefinitely. [21:08] [Read with 25:20]


1.2. Raw Material selected for : Key words:

2.3. Raw Material for - the Structure:




            (d) Reference of a sub-set of water in the Creation of Structure of Human Being.


  • How can you disavow Allah the Exalted while knowing that you were matter, then for a purpose He the Exalted caused you people living (created you from matter 6:02).

  • After a period (respectively determined of your life 6:02) He the Exalted will cause you to die.

  • Afterwards, [lapse of time and second blow in the Trumpet] He the Exalted will revive you all to life.

  • Thereafter, you will be presented before Him the Exalted for accountability (on your turn to tell you what you did in worldly life). [2:28]

  • Is it because Man recalls not that We had created him in earlier time-line;

  • While he was then not an object worth recognition and mention? [19:67]

  • Were they created from other than matter?

  • Or, are they themselves the creators of their selves? [52:35]

Man is from matter and not a portion/part of Absolute Being.

It being the ground reality, an undeniable fact, all hypothetical and philosophical sort of debate and discussions regarding "human-being a part of the Whole Being" are meaningless conjectures. Matter can be part of matter and may dissolve to become homogenous entity, but matter cannot be part of, or could amalgamate with "other than matter".

  • Moreover, they declare for Him the Exalted some of His subjects as part of Him.

  • It is true that the Man [most of them] is certainly and manifestly ungratefully denier of realities and facts. [43:15]

The raw material/physical object selected for the mould, frame, structure or body of the under-creation: was:  .


We will need to know the perception and meanings of each word to perceive correctly the nature and quality of the selected raw material.

: It is object Noun of Preposition, Indefinite; Masculine; singular; genitive relating to state-adjectival for earlier Noun-Man-Corporeal formation. Its Root is "ص ل ص ل". The basic perception and meaning is the clay mixed with sand, which in dried condition creates soft crinkling sound. What was its source, qualitative description?

This was drawn from:  . It is Prepositional + Adjectival phrase relating to preceding Noun. signifies fetid muddy compound. It is modified, by the adjectival trait:    which is Passive Participle, Indefinite, Masculine, singular, genitive, relating to مصدر-سَنٌّ Verbal noun, from Root: "س ن ن". This signifies rubbing-grinding something between two hard surfaces; over a stone slab with a stone. The pulverization of fetid muddy compound yields its softening, adhesion, homogeneity and diffusion of odour. In this process, the element that plays the major role is the water.


The Grand Qur’ān contains:  verbal unitary passages that make distinct and contrasted one thing from the other.  They demarcate and categorize things having similarity or opposition making each distinct and individualized. They also differentiate between individual members of a genus/group/family or we may say they enumerate the divisions and sub-classifications in a group-genus-species.

The concept and information, which has various dimensions that might need exposure from different angles for convenient understanding and comprehensive perception by the listener and reader, the technique of  "rotational verbal presentation" is also taken recourse:

The raw material selected for the creation of structure/mould/frame/body of First Human person finds mention in these words/descriptions also:

: It is Prepositional Phrase relating to elided circumstance of the object of preceding verb. The preposition denotes a sub-set from the Set: that comprises of unconsolidated particles of organic and inorganic materials.


The initialization or origination was from some elements of:  .  It signifies loose earth matter; unconsolidated particles of earth having moisture content or pure dried after subsiding of the waters. It is a combination of organic and inorganic materials. A mould, structure can form from it when it is wet, mixed with water. The word is further elaborated by modifying adjective, its qualitative trait [active participle], one that acts adhesively, sticking.

As we know, the Earth particles comprise both organic and inorganic constituents and its adhesive trait does not denote decomposition or bifurcation. Further information about the constituent material is this: "gently and secretively drawn extract comprising elements of water admixed clay".

(c)  : This signifies dust - clay

  • He the Exalted had created him: Adam [alai'his'slaam] corporeally structured with substances of clay. [Ref  3:59]

  • Then why don't you reflect on origin of life; Our Majesty indeed created you people initially corporeally structured with substances of clay drawn from dust;; [Ref  22:05]
  • That He He the Exalted created you people corporeally structured with substances of clay drawn from dust;, [Ref  30:20]

  •  The fact is that Allah the Exalted has created you people corporeally structured with substances of clay drawn from dust; [Ref  35:11]

  • He the Exalted is the One Who has created you people corporeally structured with substances of clay drawn from dust;  [Ref 40:67]


(d) Reference of water in the creation of Structure of Human Being.

First, it is in broad general spectrum that the life emanates in all sorts of matter, by the Will of Allah the Exalted, with the water. Later, the same information specifically finds mention in relation to the animal kingdom and human being. The life of plant kingdom finds mention in these words:


We have earlier noted that the main object/raw material of creation of the mould/structure/frame of human person is: . The last mention about the raw material sums up by exemplification and excellence of it:

: Possessive Phrase: Prefixed exemplification noun, genitive state + Collective Noun: Definite; masculine; singular; genitive. Its Root is "ف خ ر". The basic perception infolded is to admire, glory, claim superiority because of honour arising from qualities and  relationships. The trait-attribute has depth, intensity, positivism, and negativism. Negatively, the signification is boasting, making mere noises-conjectural gossips void of substance.

In view of this information, and restricting ourselves to the perception and meanings infolded in the Roots of the words, mentioning raw material,  we must not use words of inferior import for the raw material of human beings. Carbon becomes diamond when pressed-rubbed-pressured and "baked". Likewise: admirable is the raw material of human beings.  

In the creation of human being, a living person, we notice three elements relevant to emergence of life:

(1) Firstly, crinkled sand mixed clay drawn from rotten fetid muddy compound turned into a 'paste' and odour diffused by pulverization;

(2) Presence of moisture, water;

(3) Baking, presence of heat.

 2.4 Further references about-Terrestrial Origin

3. Proportioning and equation of .

4. Allah the Exalted, the Self Living, blows into him; First Human Being named Adam takes existence.

His name finds mention 25 times in Qur’ān. Name of another human being also finds mention 25 times. He is the elevated Messenger of Allah, Easa (Jesus the Christ) Son of virgin Maryam the truthful. They have, in the judgment of Allah the Exalted, some semblance in the manner of creation:


  • It is a fact that the peculiar characteristic- the analogy of Easa [alai'his'slaam] regarding mode of his creation; determined by and in the knowledge- judgment of Allah the Exalted, is like the peculiarity- individuality of Adam [alai'his'slaam];

  • He the Exalted had created him: Adam [alai'his'slaam] corporeally structured with substances of clay.

  • Afterwards its finishing process, He the Exalted verbally commanded: "You- Adam be in evident-tangibly existing state". Thereby, at that point in time he took existence as a being: Adam.. [3:59]



The first sentence beginning with verb-like particle is emphatic declarative sentence. This Particle has a truth-intensifying function when used at beginning of statement. It emphasizes that what follows is true. : It is a Possessive Phrase, the first noun is also definite by construct with Proper Noun; and is the subject of verb-like particle. : It is also a Possessive Phrase, and elliptically relates to circumstantial clause of preceding Proper Noun. : These are two successive Possessive Phrases, and is the Predicate of Verb-like particle. The relationships of words are depicted in the syntactic graph below:


: Analogy means a similarity in some respects. What is similar in some respects between both? It is mentioned: : He, Allah the Exalted had created him- Adam corporeally structured with substances of clay. : Afterwards its finishing process, He the Exalted verbally commanded: "You- Adam be in evident- tangibly existing state". Thereby, at that point in time he took existence as a being: Adam.

In the creation of Adam ; : dual Active Participles meaning parents (father and mother) were not involved. Active Participles are formed from the Present Tense Active Voice Verb according to specific rules; Arabic Participles describe or refer to entities involved in an activity, process, or state described by the verb they are made from. It denotes the pair of man and womanbiological father and motherhusband and wife; and the body organs that are involved in the process are genitals- the external sex organs, in Arabic: فَرْجٌ , from Root: ف ر ج. Basic perception infolded in it was described by Ibn Faris [died 1005] in these words: يدلُّ على تفتُّح في الشَّيء "that it leads to the perception of an opening; or intervening space- gap between two things; cleavage, rift, hole; and blooming in a thing." This word is applied to the pudenda of  men and of women.

: the parent; individually they are: : father of offspring- he who causes a woman to produce offspring; and a woman who has given birth to a child. Easa [alai'his'slaam] has some similarity with regard to his creation. He has only : his mother Syeda Maryem.

The creation of First Man did not involve sexual process. Similarly, in the birth/creation of Easa [alai'his'slaam], it was asexual creation.

Proportioning and preening of : .